After Lately

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The episode gets sexual immediately when Brad shows up late, and as a punishment Chelsea forces him to show the staff his shower masturbation routine.

Jiffy has developed a friendship with the maintenance man, Hank, who usually takes months to fix anything, but gives Jiffy special treatment. Chris and Sarah conclude it's because Hank is gay for Jiffy.

Jay Leno is on the show and takes some time to give Sarah advice on her latest crush, baseball player Giancarlo Stanton.

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Jay's advice seems perfectly reasonable to Sarah, but sets off Chelsea.

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After walking in late again, Chelsea forces Brad to fake masturbate, but he gets a little too excited when the staff tells him to imagine he's having sex with Chelsea and he breaks the glass on a door.

Brad forces Jiffy to try to seduce Hank into fixing it, but Hank catches on and reveals he's not gay -- Jiffy's feminine features just remind him of his daughter, who was recently shipped off to Afghanistan. Whoops!

Meanwhile, Heather has been strapping a baby doll into the backseat of her car so that she can drive in the carpool lane, and it all sadly blows up in her face when a security guard breaks her window to "save" it.

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