After Lately, Recap


It turns out Reese Witherspoon's cute button nose can't stay out of everyone's business. Chelsea throws Reese out of her office after she won't stop prying into what Chelsea makes in a year. Another friend bites the dust!

The writing staff gets a hold of the market research on the show, and it turns out focus groups hate them. Heather is old and out of touch, Jen comes across as bitter, Chris is creepy, Sarah is too provocative, and Brad is an elitist who doesn't connect with "urban" audiences.

Brad couldn't be more pissed about his "elitism" label and tries to connect with Loni by calling her his "nizzle," which he thinks is perfectly inoffensive, and she thinks is enough reason to smack the glasses off his face.

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Heather tries to prove she's not old by dressing up as Taylor Swift for a sketch, but is kicked off the soundstage by Chelsea who says she looks more like Taylor's great aunt.

Chelsea invites the writers to an important fundraiser event that night, which everyone is excited about until they find out that it costs $2,500 a plate. They decide to burn through their bank accounts anyway, but don't even get to see Chelsea because she's in the $10,000-a-plate VIP section.

The next day, Brad, Jen, and Chris give a speech to the NBC interns. Brad's speech is accidentally racist, and Jen just lectures everyone about getting a real job. Afterward they all meet up with Chelsea, who tells them that she doesn't care about focus group results – she loves her band of misfits. And then everyone cries. Except for Chelsea.

Tune in Mondays at 10:30/9:30c for all new episodes of After Lately, only on E!

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