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  1. Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks Reveals the ''Insecurity'' That Has Her Considering More Plastic Surgery

  2. Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks Explains Why She Secretly Got a Nose Job

  3. Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks Admits She Got a Nose Job Early in Her Career

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    From Gigi Hadid to Hailey Baldwin: 10 Celebrities Who Went From Model to Host

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    Tyra Banks Is Ready for Tiffany Haddish to Host the Oscars

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    Tyra Banks Opens Up About Motherhood, Reveals If She Wants More Kids

  7. Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model

    Tyra Banks on Her Return to America's Next Top Model, the New Smize and Big Changes

  8. Mel B, America's Got Talent, AGT

    Mel B Explains Her America's Got Talent Drink Throw: "What You See Is What You Get"

  9. George Clooney

    George Clooney Is Right: Celebrity Parents Know They're Getting Their Picture Taken, but Leave the Kids Out of It

  10. Tyra Banks, Late Night With Seth Meyers

    Tyra Banks Kinda Regrets Posting a Picture of Her Son on Instagram

  11. ESC: Rihanna

    How to Get Rihanna's Bob Without Cutting Your Hair

  12. Tyra Banks, Baby, Son, York Banks Asla

    Celebs Who Welcomed Babies Via Surrogate

  13. America's Got Talent, Tyra Banks

    The America's Got Talent Judges Go on a Hilarious Hunt for Food in This Week 4 Sneak Peek

  14. Chris Pratt, Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Being Booed Off Stage, Living out of a Car and Selling a Pet to Afford Food: 30 Stars Share How They Fought Back When Life Got Tough

  15. Tyra Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Life Size

    Hey Lindsay Lohan, Tyra Banks Has a Message for You About Life-Size 2

  16. Tyra Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Life Size

    Life-Size Sequel Is Officially Happening With Tyra Banks

  17. ESC: Festival Hair, Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks' Hair Is So In for Festival Season

  18. Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model Promo, Instagram

    Tyra Banks Removes Age Limit for America's Next Top Model: "You Just Need to Know How to Smize"

  19. Tyra Banks

    Get Your First Look at Tyra Banks as the New Host of America's Got Talent

  20. Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks Is Returning to Host America's Next Top Model

  21. Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks Set to Replace Nick Cannon as Host of America's Got Talent

  22. Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks Tried to Quit America's Next Top Model in 2007

  23. ESC: Stretching At Work

    You Should Be Doing This Every 45 Minutes, According Emma Roberts' Massage Therapist

  24. The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev

    All the Stars That Squashed Their Celebrity Beefs for Good

  25. Tyra Banks

    It's Been 10 Years Since Tyra Banks Told Everyone to "Kiss My Fat Ass"