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  1. ESC: Selena Gomez

    Watch Selena Gomez Freak Out Over This "Major" Makeup Palette

  2. Taylor Swift, Rihanna

    Taylor Swift Surpasses Rihanna With Number of YouTube Subscribers

  3. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift's "Call It What You Want" Lyrics Decoded: Her Hiatus and Her Love for Joe Alwyn

  4. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Releases New Song "Call It What You Want"

  5. Taylor Swift, Instagram

    What We've Learned About Taylor Swift's Behind-the-Scenes Process

  6. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Is About to Drop a New Song: "Call It What You Want"

  7. Taylor Swift, Instagram

    Taylor Swift Gives Fans an Inside Look at How She Wrote "Gorgeous"

  8. Taylor Swift, Instagram

    No, Taylor Swift Wasn't Actually Naked in "...Ready for It?" Music Video

  9. Taylor Swift, Ready for It

    All the Hidden Symbols and Subtle Shade in Taylor Swift's "…Ready for It?" Music Video

  10. Taylor Swift, Ready for It

    Taylor Swift Goes Full Cyborg in "...Ready for It?" Music Video

  11. Taylor Swift Doppleganger

    This Taylor Swift Doppelgänger Is Blowing Our Minds

  12. Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Gets Ed Sheeran's Stamp of Approval

  13. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, 2016 Grammy Awards

    Here's Selena Gomez's Honest Review of Taylor Swift's Upcoming Album reputation

  14. Look What You Made Me Do

    Taylor Swift for the Whole Squad: 15 Halloween-Ready Costumes Ripped From Her "Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video

  15. Taylor Swift, Ready for It

    Taylor Swift Teases Futuristic "...Ready for It?" Music Video

  16. Taylor Swift, Real Estate

    Taylor Swift's Real Estate By the Numbers: Breaking Down Her Mansions, Penthouses and Vacation Abodes

  17. Blake Lively, Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Fans Think Blake Lively's Daughter Is the One Saying "Gorgeous" in New Song

  18. Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn

    Jealousy, Cats and a "Gorgeous" Man: Breaking Down Taylor Swift's New Single About Joe Alwyn

  19. Taylor Swift

    Listen to Taylor Swift's New Song "Gorgeous"

  20. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Holds Second Secret Session at Her Rhode Island Home

  21. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Teases New Song "Gorgeous"

  22. Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do, Music Video

    Taylor Swift Gives Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Wardrobe Room on "Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video Set

  23. Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do, Music Video

    Piecing Together Taylor Swift's Musical Moves: A Timeline of Her Reputation Activity

  24. ESC, Taylor Swift, Hair Evolution

    Taylor Swift Wears Snake Boots and Hugs Superfans at Reputation Secret Sessions

  25. Taylor Swift

    Attention Swifties: Taylor Swift Is Back Hosting Secret Sessions Before reputation Is Released

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