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Where Mandy Moore Stands With Shane West 20 Years After A Walk to Remember

Mandy Moore shared if she and Shane West are still close after starring in A Walk to Remember almost 20 years ago. Learn where they stand and why she said he was "sweet" during filming.

November 24, 2022

"A Walk to Remember" Turns 20 -- LOOK BACK!

Before becoming Rebecca in "This Is Us," Mandy Moore and Shane West touched our hearts 20 years ago in this Nicholas Sparks film. Take a look!

January 25, 2022


A Career to Remember: Shane West Shares the Secrets Behind His Biggest Roles

Shane West looks back on A Walk to Remember, ER, Ocean's Eleven and more in an exclusive interview with E! News.

June 16, 2021

15 Sweet Secrets About A Walk to Remember Revealed

Your only hope to stave off nostalgia is to check out these behind the scenes secrets about the beloved 2002 romantic drama starring Shane West and Mandy Moore.

January 25, 2021

Attention, A Walk to Remember Fans: Mandy Moore and Shane West Reunite at Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

It's a ''walk of (fame) to remember,'' as the 34-year-old actress puts it.

March 25, 2019

See Mandy Moore's ''Sweet'' Message to A Walk to Remember Co-Star Shane West

January marked the 17th Anniversary of the hit romantic drama

February 15, 2019

How Shane West Developed His Version of Bane for Gotham

West says the character is a mix of old versions and his own spin

February 14, 2019

A Walk to Remember Reunion: Mandy Moore, Shane West and Adam Shankman Get Together Again

Co-stars and their director met up on Super Bowl Sunday

February 6, 2017

Mandy Moore Reveals She's Working on A Walk to Remember Reunion With Shane West

Actress set to reunite with her hunky co-star

January 25, 2017