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  1. Verne Troyer, Mike Myers

    Mike Myers Speaks Out After the Death of Austin Powers Co-Star Verne Troyer

  2. Mike Myers, The Tonight Show, Dr. Evil

    Mike Myers Revives His Role as Dr. Evil on The Tonight Show

  3. Mike Myers, New York Penthouse

    Mike Myers Sells New York Penthouse for $14 Million

  4. The Gong Show

    The Gong Show's Tommy Maitland Dishes on "Very Hairy" Celebrity Guests Judges That Will Appear

  5. The Gong Show

    Just Who Is The Gong Show Host Tommy Maitland?!

  6. Tommy Maitland, Mike Myers

    The Gong Show Revival to Be Hosted by Mike Myers—But They'll Never Tell You That

  7. Mike Meyers, Jimmy Fallon

    Mike Myers and Jimmy Fallon Have a Bizarre Dance-Off With a Slippery Finale