Kevin Smith


How Kevin Smith and Harley Quinn Smith Became the Coolest Father-Daughter Duo in Hollywood

In an exclusive interview with E! News, director Kevin Smith and actress and podcaster Harley Quinn Smith opened up about their unique bond and working together.

June 20, 2021


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Director Pal Kevin Smith Reacts to Their Rekindled Romance

Almost two decades ago, Kevin Smith directed Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in the movie Jersey Girl. So what does the filmmaker think of their rekindled romance?

June 16, 2021

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Director Recalls the Real Story Behind Their "Bennifer" Nickname

After news of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's recent reunion emerged, director Kevin Smith recalled starting the "Bennifer" craze on the set of Jersey Girl. Scroll on for his story.

May 11, 2021

Kevin Smith Apologizes to Ashley Tisdale After She Accuses Him of Damaging Her Car

"I drive like Cruella de Vil in the Hills!" the Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back creator tweeted.

June 8, 2019

Kevin Smith Issues Public Plea Over Teenage Daughter's Alleged Stalker

He took to Twitter to alert authorities about the man allegedly stalking the 19-year-old

February 9, 2019

Kevin Smith Loses 51 Lbs. 6 Months After "Massive" Heart Attack

The filmmaker wrote he was "ecstatic" to reach this milestone

August 27, 2018


Kevin Smith Describes His New Vegan Lifestyle at Comic-Con 2018

"Comic Book Men" producer reveals how he's doing after his heart attack and adopting a plant-based diet

July 20, 2018

Kevin Smith Reveals 43-Lb. Weight Loss Four Months After His Heart Attack

Comedian credits his physical transformation to a partnership with Weight Watchers

June 14, 2018

Kevin Smith's Doctor Told Him Smoking Weed Before His Heart Attack Helped Save His Life

Comedian suffered a "massive" attack at the end of February at 47 years old

May 2, 2018

Kevin Smith Says He Lost 17 Lbs. in 9 Days With Post-Heart Attack Diet of Just Potatoes

In his podcast Hollywood Babble-On, the 47-year-old explained that he's following the diet from illusionist Penn Jillette’s book

March 22, 2018

Kevin Smith Is ''Feeling Good'' as He Continues Heart Attack Recovery at Home

Three days ago, the comedian suffered a terrifying health scare in the midst of filming a stand-up special

February 28, 2018

Kevin Smith Fights Back Tears While Reflecting on His Life After "Massive" Heart Attack

Comedian underwent surgery after nearly facing death

February 28, 2018

Kevin Smith Suffers a "Massive" Heart Attack at Age 47

"I don't want my life to end but if it ends, I can't complain," the Clerks director says

February 26, 2018

Kevin Smith Set to Donate Future Harvey Weinstein Residuals to Women in Film

Actor explains his decision in latest Hollywood Babble-On podcast

October 18, 2017

Kevin Smith Pays Loving Tribute to Carrie Fisher: "The Princess Stole My Heart at Age 7"

The director shares his memories of the Star Wars actress on Instagram

December 27, 2016