Jamie Lynn Spears

All the Biggest Bombshells From Jamie Lynn Spears' Memoir

Jamie Lynn Spears opens up about her strained relationship with sister Britney Spears, family turmoil, that Zoey 101 feud and more in her memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

about 14 hours ago

Britney Spears Sends Sister Jamie Lynn Cease and Desist Letter Over Book's "Outrageous Claims"

Britney Spears' attorney has sent her sister Jamie Lynn Spears a cease and desist letter over her memoir Things I Should Have Said and its "misleading" claims about the singer.

about 18 hours ago


Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Down "Complicated" Relationship With Britney Spears Amid Feud

Jamie Lynn Spears is sharing an emotional update on her feud with Britney Spears. Hear the Zoey 101 alum open up about "the love and support" always being there on E! News' Daily Pop.

1 day ago

Jamie Lynn Spears Weighs In on Britney and Justin Timberlake's Breakup

During the first part of her appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Jamie Lynn Spears recalled being “so sad” after Britney Spears and her boyfriend at the time, Justin Timberlake, split.

1 day ago

Jamie Lynn Spears Still Has "Love" for Sister Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears breaks down her new book "Things I Should Have Said" and adds that she still has "a lot of love" for Britney amid their drama. Listen!

1 day ago

West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler Apologizes for Reenacting Britney Spears’ Tweets to Jamie Lynn

After West Side Story star Rachel Zegler faced backlash for monologuing Britney Spears' recent tweets to her sister Jamie Lynn amid their feud, the actress issued an apology.

1 day ago

Britney Spears Tells Jamie Lynn Spears "I Love You" After Sisters' Feud Intensifies

Britney Spears expressed her love for her estranged sister Jamie Lynn Spears in a new and lengthy public message following a fresh war of words.

3 days ago

Jamie Lynn Spears' CRYPTIC Message to Britney Spears

After Britney Spears accused her sister Jamie Lynn of lying, Jamie responds directly to Britney through her Instagram Stories. See her message!

4 days ago


Jamie Lynn Spears Posts Cryptic Message About The “Truth” After Britney Spears Accuses Her Of Lying

After Britney Spears called her sister a “scum person” for allegedly making up lies, Jamie Lynn Spears posted a cryptic message about telling the truth to Instagram.

4 days ago

Britney Spears Calls Sister Jamie Lynn "a Scum Person" as Feud Wages On

Britney Spears pushed back after younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears accused her of once locking them in a room with a knife. Read on for the singer's response to the allegation.

5 days ago


Untangling Jamie Lynn Spears and Zoey 101 Co-Star Alexa Nikolas' Complicated Relationship

Zoey 101's Alexa Nikolas is speaking out and sharing her feelings about co-star Jamie Lynn Spears. “It’s sad to see someone not change after all these years,” she said on Instagram.

5 days ago

Britney Spears SLAMS Jamie Lynn Spears After "GMA" Tell-All

Britney Spears says her little sister "never had to work for anything" and Jamie Lynn fights back. See how she responded to Britney's comments on Instagram.

6 days ago

Jamie Lynn Spears Fires Back at Sister Britney’s “Exhausting” Claims: “Absolutely Not the Truth”

After Britney Spears responded to sister Jamie Lynn Spears' GMA interview, the Zoey 101 star released a statement of her own: "Last thing I want to be is doing this, but here we are."

6 days ago

Britney Spears Names 2 Reasons Why Sister Jamie Lynn’s Tell-All Interview “Did Bother Me”

Britney Spears let it all out when criticizing her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, for suggesting she was "out of control" and performing her songs and remixes.

6 days ago

Jamie Lynn Breaks Silence on Britney Spears Relationship

In a tearful "GMA" interview, Jamie Lynn tells on the rift between her & Britney after the conservatorship and shares she's got nothing but love for her sister. Watch!

8 days ago

Jamie Lynn Spears Addresses Her Involvement in Britney Spears' Conservatorship Battle

In a new interview with Good Morning America, Jamie Lynn Spears discussed her alleged role in Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle, telling the outlet that she tried to provide “resources.”

8 days ago

Class Is in Session: The Truth About Jamie Lynn Spears' Shocking Exit and More Zoey 101 Secrets

Zoey 101, the Nickelodeon show that made Jamie Lynn Spears a household name, premiered 17 years ago

January 9, 2022

Britney Spears Unfollows Sister Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram

Britney Spears unfollows her sister Jamie Lynn Spears amid their ongoing rift that came to life in 2021 during Britney's legal battle to end her conservatorship.

January 3, 2022

Britney Spears Unfollows Her Sister Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram

Amid an ongoing family rift and following recent liberation from her 13-year conservatorship, Britney Spears made a major modification to her Instagram friends list.

January 2, 2022

Why Jamie Lynn Spears Says She Wasn't Allowed to Tell Sister Britney Spears About Her Teen Pregnancy

In Jamie Lynn Spears' new memoir Things I Should Have Said, the Zoey 101 alum looks back at when she was pregnant at 16 years old.

November 10, 2021

Why Jamie Lynn Spears HID Her Teen Pregnancy From Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears drops bombshells in her new memoir, "Things I Should Have Said." Find out why she couldn't tell her sister about her pregnancy at 16.

November 10, 2021


What's Really Going on Between Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears Behind the Scenes

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears' relationship seems to be strained these days, as the singer continues her conservatorship battle. What's going on between the sisters?

October 20, 2021