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  1. Brandon Lee, Tommy Lee

    Brandon Lee Posts Video of Dad Tommy Lee Unconscious During Father's Day Social Media Feud

  2. Raven Gates, Bekah Martinez

    Raven Gates and Bekah Martinez's Twitter Feud Has Bachelor Nation Talking

  3. Selena Gomez, Stefano Gabbana

    Stefano Gabbana Sparks Backlash After Calling Selena Gomez ''Ugly''

  4. Rachel Bloom, Neil Patrick Harris

    Rachel Bloom Was "Kind of Devastated" by Neil Patrick Harris' "Random" Tony Awards Diss

  5. Drake, Pusha T

    Pusha T Does Not Accept Drake's Blackface Photo Explanation

  6. Drake, Pusha T

    Pusha T Pushes Back: "You're Silent on All Black Issues, Drake"

  7. Drake, Pusha T

    6 Savage Lines From Drake and Pusha T's Current Diss Track War

  8. Jada Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union

    Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union Open Up About Their 17-Year Feud

  9. ESC: Hilary Duff

    Hilary Duff Speaks Out After Publicly Shaming Her Neighbor for Smoking

  10. Willow, King Robert, The Royals 410

    The Royals Wedding We've Been Waiting for Is Here, But Will Willow Be Strong Enough to Take Down the Monarchy?

  11. The Arrangement 210, Terence Anderson, Deann Anderson

    Terence and Deann Conspire to Murder Megan on The Arrangement: ''We're Talking About a Life...Ending It''

  12. The Royals 410

    Prince Liam Tries to Steer King Robert Off the Path of Corruption Before It's Too Late on The Royals

  13. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift

    Why Katy Perry Is "Relieved" Taylor Swift Accepted Her Olive Branch

  14. Taylor Swift, Reputation Tour

    Taylor Swift's Big Return: All the Best Moments From the Kickoff of Her Reputation Stadium Tour

  15. The Royals

    Eleanor's Warning to Willow Threatens the Coup Against King Robert on The Royals

  16. Queen Helena, The Royals 410

    OMG! Queen Helena Attacks Willow's Mother and Pulls Out Her Hair (Dynasty-Style!) on The Royals

  17. The Royals

    Queen Helena Goes on a Covert Mission to Expose King Robert on The Royals

  18. Megan Morrison, The Arrangement 209

    Megan Forces Kyle to Choose Between Her, IHM and Terence on The Arrangement: "It's Time We All Picked a Side"

  19. Evan Rachel Wood, DJ Khaled

    Evan Rachel Wood Tells DJ Khaled to ''Grow Up'' Over Oral Sex Confession

  20. Taylor Swift, Kanye West

    Kanye West Says Taylor Swift "Moment" Impacted His Radio Plays

  21. Queen Helena, Liam, Cyrus, The Royals 409

    Watch Out King Robert! A Coup Is Underway on The Royals and the King Is on the Chopping Block

  22. Liam, Cyrus, The Royals 408

    Prince Liam and Cyrus Turn the Tables on King Robert and He's Completely Clueless on The Royals

  23. Willow, The Royals 408

    Willow Gets Drugged at Her Bachelorette Party on The Royals and You'll Never Guess Who Did It!

  24. Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Grammy Awards

    Blake Shelton Alludes to Miranda Lambert's Rumored Relationship Drama With ''Karma'' Tweet

  25. Lindsey Buckingham

    Fleetwood Mac Drags Lindsey Buckingham After Ousting in Unfiltered Interview

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