David Schwimmer

Why the Friends Reunion Was Surprisingly "Brutal" for the Cast

Almost four months after the debut of the Friends reunion, Jennifer Aniston revealed the surprising reaction her co-stars had to filming the celebrated look back.

September 16, 2021

Jennifer Aniston Finally Addresses Those David Schwimmer Romance Rumors

One month after reports surfaced claiming Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were a couple IRL, the Friends star is setting the record straight.

September 13, 2021

David Schwimmer Breaks Silence on Jennifer Aniston Dating Rumors

Ross & Rachel IRL?! After the Friends reunion revealed that David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston had a crush on each other, David sets the record straight. Watch!

August 11, 2021

David Schwimmer Sets the Record Straight on Jennifer Aniston Romance Rumor

After the Friends reunion revelation that David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston had a crush on each other, the actor addressed a new claim that they've been "spending time" together.

August 11, 2021

Friends Monkey Trainer Slams "Despicable" David Schwimmer Over Marcel Jabs

After David Schwimmer took a dig at Marcel, the Friends monkey trainer is speaking out about this bananas feud. Here's why Mike Morris thinks the actor was jealous of the animal.

July 6, 2021

David Schwimmer's Ex Natalie Imbruglia Reacts to His Crush on Jennifer Aniston

During the Friends reunion, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston revealed their crushes on each other. Here’s how his ex, Natalie Imbruglia responded.

June 24, 2021

Jennifer Aniston Would've "Proudly" Said She "Banged" David Schwimmer If It Were True

Jennifer Aniston is setting the record straight about her off-screen relationship with David Schwimmer after they recently revealed they had crushes on each other while filming Friends.

June 23, 2021

Watch the Friends Cast Perform the Weirdest Carpool Karaoke Ever

James Corden drove the cast of Friends around in a golf cart and then asked them to sing along to the one tune they presumably never want to hear again.

June 17, 2021

Meet the Real-Life Partners Who Are Always There for the Friends Cast

It hasn't always been their day, their week, their month or even their year, but Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer's love lives aren't DOA.

June 9, 2021


Lisa Kudrow Details the Friends Reunion Moment You Missed Between Matt LeBlanc and Courtney Cox

Lisa Kudrow exclusively tells E! News' Daily Pop the heartwarming moment from the Friends reunion she almost missed had David Schwimmer not pointed it out to her. Get the details below!

June 2, 2021

Breaking Down the Friends Cast's Big Reunion Paycheck

For the HBO Max Friends reunion, getting the cast back together came with a pretty hefty price tag. Scroll on to find out just how much it took to get the crew back on-screen.

June 2, 2021

Why Were Paul Rudd & Cole Sprouse Missing From the "Friends" Reunion?

The HBO Max special has everyone buzzing but fans were left wondering why the two actors were missing from "Friends: The Reunion?" Watch to find out!

May 28, 2021

Will the Friends Cast Ever Do Another Public Reunion? Courteney Cox Says…

During the Friends HBO Max reunion, the cast finally answers a question that most fans have been asking: When will we see them next? Scroll on to see their answer.

May 27, 2021

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Drop a Major Friends Bombshell About Their IRL Romance

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer almost got together during the first season of Friends, spilling in the new special that they spooned on set and were "both crushing hard on each other."

May 27, 2021

The Best Moments From the Friends Reunion

Friends: The Reunion is finally here, and it did not disappoint. These are some of our favorite moments from the brand new special!

May 27, 2021

Friends Cast Reveals What They Hope Fans Will Take Away From the Reunion

Ahead of the Friends reunion on HBO Max, the cast sat down with Good Morning America to share what they hope will stick with their fanbase when they watch it on May 27.

May 25, 2021

The One Where Friends Lied To Us About Lobsters Mating For Life

Ahead of the Friends reunion, look back at the episode where Phoebe talks to Ross about his relationship with Rachel and shares her famous lobster theory.

May 24, 2021

You Won't Want to Miss These Secrets About the Final Season of Friends

Ahead of the Friends reunion on HBO Max, take a peek at these secrets about the final season.

May 24, 2021

The Friends Reunion Has an Actual Trailer and There Are Actual Tears

Both fans and the Friends are crying over the new trailer for HBO Max's Friends reunion, which finally premieres on May 27.

May 19, 2021

David Schwimmer Reveals Exciting News About the Friends Reunion

Friends fans have a reason to get excited: David Schwimmer has shared fantastic news about the anticipated cast reunion for HBO Max.

April 2, 2021

Friends Fan Spots Editing Mistake After Ross' Dad Is Replaced By Another Actor

A Friends fan on TikTok noticed something weird in a scene with Ross' dad, played by Elliott Gould. Scroll on for the editing error.

February 10, 2021

Friends Writers Finally Explained Rachel’s Iconic “It Is a Big Deal” Joke

Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel left fans a bit confused after joking, “it IS a big deal!” with Ross in 1997. Now, Friends writers have offered the background story.

September 29, 2020

"Friends" Celebrates Lisa Kudrow: E! News Rewind

In honor of Lisa's birthday, check out E!'s first "Friends" set visit with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and the rest of the cast!

July 30, 2020

David Schwimmer Has a Friends Reunion Update and You Won't Be Disappointed

David Schwimmer joined Hoda Kotb on the Today show and promised the Friends reunion has not been canceled.

July 29, 2020