Some Olaplex Users Claim the Products Caused Hair Damage—But Here's What a Dermatologist Has to Say

Some Olaplex users have claimed to experience hair breakage, hair thinning and even hair loss, but the brand tells E! News, "We believe in the safety and efficacy of our products."

5 days ago

TikTok DermDoctor Details Beauty Trends to AVOID

Dr. Muneeb Shah, AKA TikTok's DermDoctor, suggests people should approach microneedling and DIY skincare hacks with skepticism. Hear his dermatology do's and don'ts!

6 days ago


How TikTok's Eyeliner Hack Gives Maximum Results With Minimal Effort, According to the Experts

Nykita Joy, who started the TikTok trend, exclusively told E! News how she came up with the eyeliner hack. And makeup artist Victor Anaya shared a tip on how to recreate the look minus the face wash.

6 days ago

Lady Gaga Applauds Taylor Swift for Sharing Eating Disorder Journey

Lady Gaga reacts to a resurfaced clip from Taylor Swift's 2020 documentary, in which Taylor opened up about a struggle with an eating disorder.

6 days ago

Influencer Meredith Duxbury's Viral TikTok Foundation Technique Is a Must-See

Meredith Duxbury set the record straight about her viral foundation technique, in which she slathers an excessive amount of product onto her skin.

6 days ago

Hailey Bieber's New Bob Haircut Will Influence Your Winter Look

"Oops," Hailey Bieber cheekily wrote of her dramatic haircut, which she debuted in a TikTok on Jan. 21. See her bold style below.

6 days ago

New Year, New Botched MIRACLES

From debulking a high-risk patient's rare foot tumor to smoothing out a lumpy chin, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif perform head-to-toe medical miracles on "Botched."

7 days ago

Your Jaw Will Drop Over TikToker Mikayla Nogueira’s “Luxury Hotel”-Inspired Guest Room

TikToker Mikayla Nogueira revealed her guest room is stocked with Dior products, Nécessaire lotions and the whole line of Youth to the People skincare goodies. See inside the heavenly space.

9 days ago

Zoë Kravitz Shares Beauty Tips From Parents Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet

Zoë Kravitz reveals the self-care lessons learned from her parents, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. "The Batman" star unveils her routine in an interview with Byrdie!

9 days ago

Zoë Kravitz Details the Beauty Lessons She's Learned from Parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

Zoë Kravitz offered insight into why she values working with a beauty brand that doesn't try to change who she is and the important self-care practices her parents taught her.

9 days ago


Experts Weigh in on TikTok's Latest Hack: Using a Kitchen Strainer to Diffuse Hair

In lieu of using hair diffusers, TikTokers have turned to their kitchen appliances to achieve voluminous curls. But here's why experts exclusively told E! News it might not be the right recipe.

9 days ago


How YouTuber Bailey Sarian Prioritizes Her Wellbeing as She Blends Makeup With True Crime

Murder, Myster & Makeup's Bailey Sarian, who recently partnered with Ipsy, told E! News the downside of covering true crime stories and how she uses makeup as a form of self-care.

9 days ago

BTS' Jimin Is Lighting the Fashion World Up Like Dynamite With New Dior Deal

BTS band member Jimin "embodies the spirit and singularity of Dior style," the brand shared in a statement about why the K-Pop superstar was perfect for the partnership.

10 days ago

Meghan King Reveals Why She Got Cosmetic "Enhancements" to Her Chest and Nose

Real Housewives alum Meghan King debuted multiple recent surgical procedures along with before and after photos. Find out why she went under the knife and see her new nose and chest.

10 days ago

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Transformation After Losing Bet With North West

Kim Kardashian explained that North West was actually behind her recent TikTok, which showed the Kardashians star with a totally different makeup style. Here's what went down.

11 days ago

Idina Menzel's New Bob Will Have You Saying "Let It Go" to Your Long Hair

Idina Menzel debuted a chic bob haircut on Instagram, writing, "So this happened today." See her drastic hair change below and the sweet comment Frozen co-star Kristen Bell shared.

11 days ago


The Empowering Reason Anitta Is Transparent About Her Beauty Procedures

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Anitta explained why she's transparent about her beauty transformations and reminded her fans to shine from within: "Let's be nice to ourselves."

11 days ago

Bella Hadid Enters Her Marilyn Monroe Era With Bold Hair Transformation

Bella Hadid debuted a drastic hair change on Instagram, rocking tight curls and chin-length strands in a bleach blonde color. See her dramatic makeover below.

12 days ago

See Bella Hadid's BOLD New Platinum Blonde Look

Supermodel Bella Hadid is entering her Marilyn Monroe era as she debuts a new platinum blonde hairdo following her recent honey-blonde stint in December. Watch!

January 17, 2023

7 MAJOR Injection Nightmares on Botched

From a patient's face injected with literal cement to sheep fat injected lips, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif have to turn nightmares to dreams on "Botched."

January 15, 2023

Why the Elizabeth Arden Cream Prince Harry Used on His Penis Reminded Him Of Princess Diana

"My mom used that on her lips," Prince Harry recalled, after a friend suggested he heal his frostbitten penis with a cult-favorite beauty product. "You want me to put that on my todger?"

January 14, 2023

How TikTok's "Cloud Skin" Trend Perfectly Blends Matte and Dewy Makeup

TikTok's buzziest beauty trend is all about creating a soft matte look, while still letting your skin shine. Get the lowdown on how to achieve the cloud skin finish.

January 12, 2023


Breaking Down Lori Harvey's "Therapeutic" Beauty Routine

In an interview with E! News' Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Lori Harvey shared insight into how her beauty routine is a form of self-care.

January 11, 2023