Annie Murphy

See Kevin Can Wait Star Erinn Hayes’ Tongue-in-Cheek Kevin Can F**k Himself Cameo

Erinn Hayes' character was killed off on Kevin Can Wait, but she's making her return on the series finale of AMC's satire Kevin Can F**k Himself. Watch the preview here!

October 3, 2022

Annie Murphy Wants to Fake Her Own Death in Kevin Can F**k Himself Trailer

Annie Murphy is up to no good in the trailer for the second season of AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself. Get your first look at her dirty deeds here.

July 19, 2022

Erinn Hayes Joins Kevin Can F**k Himself After Controversial Kevin Can Wait Firing

Erinn Hayes, who was killed off the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait has been cast on AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself, which draws inspiration from the former. Untangle the web here.

May 18, 2022


Why Natasha Lyonne Knew Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy Was Perfect For Russian Doll Season 2

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Natasha Lyonne told us why she knew Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy was a perfect addition for the second season of Netflix's Russian Doll.

April 20, 2022

Will Arnett Announces Murderville: An Improv Murder Mystery Comedy Series

We have some new killngs on our hands. On Jan. 13, Netflix announced new mystery comedy series, Murderville. Check out the details here.

January 13, 2022

Dan Levy Reveals Shocking Stance on Schitt's Creek's Most Popular Catchphrase

The famous "Ew, David" line launched a thousand memes and a million laughs on television, but it is not something that Dan Levy finds to be particularly funny in real life. Find out why.

October 29, 2021

Annie Murphy's Go-To Skincare Mask is Super Affordable

Hide your diamonds and hide your exes because Annie Murphy's beauty routine is a little bit Alexis and a whole lot budget-friendly.

September 21, 2021

Schitt's Creek Cast Flubs Rose Family Reunion at 2021 Emmys With Not-So-Accidental Prompter Issues

Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy and Catherine O'Hara are back together! The Schitt's Creek stars presented at the 2021 Emmys but encountered a little problem when reading their lines.

September 20, 2021

Schitt's Creek Star Annie Murphy Recalls Being "Unable to Get Up" Amid Battle With Depression

In a new interview, Schitt's Creek actress Annie Murphy looks back at this past year and talks about her battle with depression.

June 30, 2021

How the Stars of Kevin Can F**K Himself Are Honoring the Sitcom Wives That Came Before

Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden weigh in on the Kevin Can Wait drama that inspired Kevin Can F**k Himself, the dark new comedy from AMC.

June 18, 2021

Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy Explains Why She's Licked Chris Martin's Sweat

Annie Murphy revealed she once had an interaction with Chris Martin that involved the Schitt's Creek actress voluntarily putting his sweat in her own mouth.

June 17, 2021

Schitt's Creek Star Annie Murphy Joins Russian Doll Season 2

Annie Murphy has joined the cast of Russian Doll season two, which is heading into production more than 2 years after season one debuted.

March 9, 2021

Kevin Can F**k Himself Looks Absolutely F**king Incredible in New Trailer

Annie Murphy takes on the typical sitcom wife in the trailer for AMC's Kevin Can F**k Himself, coming summer 2021.

February 18, 2021

Schitt's Creek Could Sweep the Golden Globes Just Like It Did the Emmys

Schitt's Creek, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy all got nominated for Golden Globes, which feels a little familiar...

February 3, 2021