You Won't Believe Keira Knightley's Bizarre Musical Talent

The Love Actually star can play music with her teeth

By Elyse Dupre Dec 28, 2018 9:13 PMTags
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Fans already knew Keira Knightley could act, but did they know she can also play music—with her teeth?

The 33-year-old actress showed off her skills on an episode of The Graham Norton Show

In honor of the program's New Year's Eve show, host Graham Norton asked each guest to participate in one of his traditional party games. The game required the stars to demonstrate a rare talent they might bust out at a get-together. For instance, Knightley's fellow guest Catherine Tate went first and revealed she can mimic the sound of a baby crying. Guy Pearce went next and sang a little opera. 

Finally, it was Knightley's turn.

"I can play my teeth," the Love Actually star explained. "I can play 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.' I mean, I can play anything you want."

She then began tapping on her teeth to produce the classic tune.

"Wow! What does your dentist think about that?" Pearce asked.

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In addition to displaying her musical skills, the Pride & Prejudice star opened up about receiving an OBE and why she didn't open up the letter notifying her of the honor for days. 

"I didn't open the envelope for about three days," she said. "It was from the Home Office and it was terrifying because I thought I was in trouble with tax and that I had messed it up and that they were going to take away the house. So, I hid the letter!"

Eventually, she decided to face her fear. 

"After three days, I thought, 'I am a mother. I am responsible, and I am going to confess to my husband that I've messed up,'" she said. "So, I opened it, and it was a prize!"

Watch the video to see her show off her musical talents.