The Impossible Is Possible on Botched! Watch Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif's Medical Magic Unfold

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The impossible is possible for Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif!

On Thursday's all-new episode of Botched, the doctors met with two new patients, both of whom had extreme physical deformities. First up, mother of two Crystal sought out Dr. Dubrow's expertise after a gnarly mommy makeover surgery left her with scarring shaped like a Christmas tree.

Per the new patient, she underwent the tummy tuck procedure in Mexico as the surgeon offered to do the makeover for only 10 thousand dollars. Of course, the "deep discounted" surgery resulted in major complications.

"After my surgery, the next day, the doctor comes in and removes my girdle," Crystal recalled. "My stomach was black at this point. Like, when a banana goes bad, it's black. It was black."

While "it's possible to have some skin die postoperatively," Dr. Dubrow went on to hypothesize that the damage occurred due to "improperly done surgical technique."

"I know some great doctors in Mexico," Dr. Nassif commented later on. "But if you're going for the deep discounted surgeon, you're gonna have problems. Crystal is extremely lucky to be alive."

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To make matters worse, prior to her Botched consultation, 20 other surgeons told Crystal that a revision surgery wasn't possible. Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow was up for the challenge and agreed to do surgery on the Houston-bred mom.

"You know if 20 surgeons are telling you it's not possible, I got news for you," Heather Dubrow's husband confidently remarked. "20 surgeons may be wrong."

Even though there was concern about the blood supply surrounding Crystal's abdomen, Dr. Dubrow reported that the surgery "technically went very well." During a post-op exam, Terry happily confirmed that Crystal's skin was "completely alive" and on a good track for the healing process.

Understandably, Crystal couldn't have been more grateful for her new stomach and belly button.

"Now thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have a flat stomach that I love showing off," Crystal gushed. "My family and I have never been closer and I can't stop smiling for all the right reasons."

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Dr. Dubrow wasn't the only one to perform top notch surgery as Dr. Nassif took on his own challenging case. New dad Kenny turned to the Botched doc after he realized his 15-month old daughter had his old nose.

According to the San Diego resident, a childhood accident left him with a shattered nose that worsened as he got older. Although Kenny attempted to fix the situation with a rhinoplasty, it ultimately left him worse off than before as his nose started to sink in.

"When you have a saddle nose deformity, you have a collapse of the cartilaginous part right here," Dr. Nassif explained. "Once that happens, it just caves right in."

Although this was an "extremely difficult case," Dr. Nassif had an extensive game plan for Kenny's revision rhinoplasty. Despite feeling overwhelmed following the exam, Kenny agreed to the surgery as he had confidence in Dr. Nassif one "hundred percent."

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This confidence was well deserved as Dr. Nassif smoothly sailed through surgery, even with Kenny's high blood pressure and "oozy" blood. Unsurprisingly, Kenny was thoroughly happy with Dr. Nassif's work as he ended up looking like his baby girl Cora.

"Now thanks to Dr. Nassif: the bridge of my nose is built up, the tip looks great and the right side no longer collapses," Kenny shared. "Now Cora can grow up saying, 'That's my dad!' And we can look exactly the same."

Sadly, not everyone walked away gleeful following a Botched consultation. Irish model Ava Van Rose received quite a shock during her examination. Allegedly, Ava has had so much work done that "no Irish doctor will actually work with me anymore."

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Thus, Dr. Dubrow was forced to inform the pint-sized model that more work could actually worsen her situation.

"The larger you go the thinner the skin gets," Dubrow noted while taking a look at the rippling and unevenness of Ava's breasts. "And it could potentially make the rippling worse."

Since the Irish native makes a living off her looks, she ruled it was too risky to undergo the knife once more. "I've been so successful as it stands," Ava concluded. "I can't risk going through a procedure and it coming out the other end not looking better than I went in."

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