Why Kendra Wilkinson Isn't "Looking for Sympathy" on First Christmas Since Hank Baskett Split

Former Playboy model said her day is "going in waves"

By Lena Grossman Dec 26, 2018 1:27 AMTags
Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Jr.Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

Kendra Wilkinson isn't here for any pity parties.

This the first Christmas the Playboy model has been single since announcing her split from Hank Baskett in April. Wilkinson has been active on social media and speaking openly about her new life post-divorce. The holidays can be an especially lonely time for some, but Wilkinson doesn't want anyone feeling bad for her.

On Tuesday, the 33-year-old posted a photo of her two kids, Hank Baskett IV, 9, and Alijah Baskett, 4, riding their bikes. "This is the first year I'm literally alone," she wrote in her caption. Her friend Jessica Hall invited her over, which prompted Wilkinson to speak out a bit.

"My day is going in waves being my first year separated. I have music/movies on enjoying myself and then hits me," Wilkinson continued. "Doing a lot better than I predicted and friends reaching out makes me smile but hard adjusting to new after years of what I believed was perfection."

She added, "Definitely not looking for sympathy just telling my story. Sure divorced peeps can relate lol"

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In the days leading up to Christmas, Wilkinson tweeted a lot about how she would spend the holidays as well as what types of situation would be less than ideal for her.

"Trying to be strong n keep it together these next days," she tweeted on Dec. 23. "Too much to be thankful for..."

She also explained why it's the parties, not the holiday itself, that can bring her down a bit. "The invites are like this... come to our get together. Will be u and 6 other couples. Or finding myself at the bar alone talking about a hole in the ground w random dude while couples r dancing smiling," she tweeted.

The mom of two has provided some insight into her dating life in the 8 months since the divorce. Most importantly, however, she's been focusing on herself and she's really happy about it. On Nov. 26, the model said she was "falling in love" again. But with who?

"Been dating myself lately. Getting to know myself and even falling in love," she wrote on Instagram. "Love and happiness is real without waiting on someone or something to do it for you."