Cardi B Reveals the Real Reason Why She and Offset Reunited in Puerto Rico

The married couple vacationed together in Puerto Rico this weekend, weeks after she revealed they had broken up.

By Corinne Heller Dec 23, 2018 9:44 PMTags

Why did Cardi B reunite with Offset for a vacation so soon after their split?

The answer is very simple—and she certainly dropped a hint beforehand.

"I just had to get f--ked. That's all," she said in an Instagram Live video on Saturday, smiling.

Almost three weeks ago, she announced that she and the fellow rapper, father of their baby daughter Kulturehad split after one year of marriage. Since then, he has made a few public gestures to try and win her back, such as crashing her concert, and on Friday, the two rappers reunited and vacationed in Puerto Rico together.

Cardi B & Offset: Romance Rewind

Cardi has last week insinuated on Instagram Live, rather explicitly, that she misses having sex with Offset.

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In Puerto Rico, Offset watched Cardi perform in San Juan. The two also enjoyed some water sports; photos of the two riding jet ski were posted online.

In her Instagram Live video, Cardi said their instructor had taken the photos and promised to send the pics to them. She then put him and his company "on blast," angrily accusing him of sending the images to the tabloids.

After their breakup, a source had told E! News that rumors about the couple's marriage had made Cardi question Offset's loyalty. He then posted on Instagram a video plea to his estranged wife, apologizing for breaking her heart and "entertaining" a girl and "partaking in activity that I shouldn't have been partaking in." 

Another insider recently told said Cardi is "very torn" about getting back together with Offset.

On Friday, Offset posted on Instagram some paraphrased lyrics from the late Michael Jackson's hit "Man in the Mirror."

"I M S E A R C H I N G F O R T H E M A N I N T H E M I R R O R / I M T E L L I N G H I M T O C H A N G E H I S W A Y S," Offset wrote.