Jimmy Kimmel Takes the Iron Throne for House Kimmel in Game of Thrones Binge

House Kimmel has pancakes and we're so in.

By Lauren Piester Dec 21, 2018 12:07 AMTags
Jimmy Kimmel, HBOHBO

And now his watch begins. 

Jimmy Kimmel has officially launched his season one binge of Game of Thrones in celebration of the final season, but first he's got to declare the superiority of House Kimmel...because they've got pancakes. 

To be quite honest with you, that sounds like an excellent reason to back a faction in this, the Game of Thrones, so we're happy to throw our support behind House Kimmel. Bring on the pancakes! 

Jimmy himself doesn't seem all that enthusiastic to win, however, because he's now discovered that the Iron Throne is super uncomfortable, so hopefully he hasn't chosen that as his binge spot. 

Everything We Know About the Game of Thrones Final Season

HBO has recruited four of Game of Thrones' biggest celebrity fans to help promote the final season by going all the way back to the beginning, binging the first season and recapping their favorite moments. Kimmel will be joined by Kristen Chenoweth, Aaron Rodgers, and T-Pain in this quest, as revealed in the first promo released yesterday. 

Game of Thrones returns in April on HBO.