Leslie Grossman Gives an Update on Amanda Bynes: "I Love Her"

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By Zach Johnson Dec 19, 2018 12:55 PMTags

Amanda Bynes is "doing fantastic," according to Leslie Grossman.

In Tuesday's episode of E!'s Busy Tonight, Grossman revealed she had dinner with Bynes, her former co-star in What I Like About You, just last week. "I met her when she was 16 years old. You don't know what you're gonna get when you meet a young star of a show; it could be a nightmare. From the get-go, [she was] the sweetest, the funniest [and] the most hardworking."

Calling Bynes a "wonderful person," Grossman added, "That show was a really fun and good time in my life, and we had such a good time doing that. And I love her. I will always love her."

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Bynes has been out of the spotlight in recent years. But, after overcoming a slew of personal issues and enrolling in fashion school, she told PAPER last month she wants to get back in the business. "She looks beautiful and she's very eager to get back into acting, which I think she'll have no problem with. I think everybody wants to see her doing something. But she's also still committed to doing fashion," Grossman said. "She's done so well and she's doing wonderfully."

"I think all of us have had tough times in our lives, but we haven't had to do it in the glare of a camera. And I'm very, very proud of her," Grossman told host Busy Philipps. "She's doing great."