Raise a Glass for Nina Dobrev's Birthday While Scrolling Through Her Sweetest BFF Moments With Julianne Hough

By Johnni Macke Jan 09, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev, Elton John Oscar PartyJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF

It seems like just yesterday we were watching the first episode of The Vampire Diaries and being wooed by Nina Dobrev's talent and now, 10 years later, the Bulgarian-Canadian actress is turning 30 and starting a new TV show.

In 2009, Dobrev first became Elena Gilbert on The CW vampire series and before that she was Mia Jones on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Today, the actress is turning 30 years old and tomorrow she'll be stepping into a new TV character's shoes to celebrate.

OK, technically it's just a coincidence that her new CBS show, Fam, premieres the day after her birthday, but it seems pretty fitting that with a new age bracket comes a fresh show and start, right?

Even though the brunette beauty will be starting something new career wise in 2019, there is one thing we have a feeling will stay consistent in her 30s...her amazing friendship with Julianne Hough

Nina Dobrev Gets Tipsy and Accidentally Swears on The Late Show

The two actresses have been best friends for years and their love for one another, shared passions and constant adventures together continue to give us #SquadGoals.

In honor of Dobrev turning the big 3-0 we've rounded up her sweetest BFF moments with Hough because quite frankly, we can't get enough of these two.

We have a feeling the two besties will be celebrating Dobrev in style at some point this week and we only wish we could be there to see what the actress's dirty 30 brings. If we had to make an educated guess we'd say there will be cake, some happy tears and perhaps a wild costume or two!

As the Dog Days star rings in a new decade in her life, you can celebrate at home by scrolling through her best friendship moments with the Dancing With the Stars alum below. Oh, and maybe give Dobrev a fun birthday shout out while you're at it.

PS: Don't miss Dobrev on her new show Fam when it premieres on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

Island Hoppers

Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough jetted off to Raja Ampat in Indonesia with a few of their friends in late 2018 and proved once again that best friends are the best travel buddies.

Getting Nutty

Coconuts for two, anyone?

Saucy Girls

All dressed and no place to go! If you and your BFF are guilty of the saucy poses in your fancy dress then you too are like these two best friends.

Bachelorette Babes

Dobrev stood by Hough's side when she married Brooks Laich in July 2017 so of course she was also ready to rage before the nuptials at her Caribbean bachelorette bash.

Opposites Attract

Like all good friends, Hough and Dobrev balance each other out and aren't afraid to be different than one another. Case and point, Dobrev being a goofball in this photo while Hough poses pretty.

Happy Tears

The Vampire Diaries actress and Grease: Live! star have been through so many birthdays together and each one seems sweeter than the one before it.

Vacation Crew

When this duo isn't spending time on a set somewhere they are heading on vacation with their squad and we really wish we got an invite to one of these fun adventures.

Sweat Sessions

A true friend sticks with you through the good and the bad, or in this case the hard and sweaty workout classes that Dobrev and Hough love to take.

Burger Bites

If your night ends with mini burgers and your best friend by your side then it's a success in our minds.

Plus Ones

No matter what the event, these two actresses find each other on the carpet and make sure to hang out together. They are basically one another's dates and their real dates are just along for the ride.

Going Up!

Gossiping in the elevator on the way to a party? We've all been there!

Emergency Contact

While these two are usually having fun together, they are always there for each other in the bad times too, like when Dobrev got hurt and needed Hough with her at the doctors.


When it comes down to it these ladies are total goofballs and that's why we love them.

Lounging Ladies

While we are all for going out with our girls, relaxing with coffee and girl talk the morning after is so much better.

Prom Posing

Even though these two didn't know each other in high school they do have their BFF prom pose down pat!

Good Side

Everyone has their good side and with this duo they know exactly how to work the camera...together.

Friendship Keys

In 2016, this duo teamed up with The Giving Keys for the Best Friends Collection and their designs are basically a sophisticated version of friendship bracelets which we definitely still rock on the reg.

Photo Booth Fun

Are you ever too old to use face paint and take photo booth photos with your gal pals? We don't think so!

Make a Wish

What's a birthday party without your girl holding the cake for you?

Super (Fun) Bowl

Football fun is the best kind of fun. OK, maybe you and your crew haven't been to the Super Bowl, but we bet you've been to sporting events together and taken this exact photo, right? 

Costume Queens

Hough and Dobrev are always down for a good costume party. They often match when attending Halloween bashes and costume parties and they always look like they're having a blast.

VIP Access

These two go to a lot of different events together, but posing with their VIP passes at the Hozier concert might be one of their purest bestie moments thus far.


Ah, true love.