Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Spill Secrets in "Never Have I Ever"

"Thank God this is not alcohol or I would be in trouble," Lopez tells Andy Cohen

By Zach Johnson Dec 14, 2018 1:35 PMTags

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini don't tell each other everything.

The Second Act co-stars and real-life BFFs appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Thursday, where they played a hilarious and revealing game of "Never Have I Ever."

Here are the prompts host Andy Cohen read:

• "Never have I ever hooked up in my trailer."

• "Never have I ever seen someone trash their green room or dressing room."

• "Never have I ever caught an actress hiding her lines on her hand."

• "Never have I ever caught a singer horribly lip syncing at an award show."

• "Never have I ever told my friend their movie was amazing when I thought it was horrible."

• "Never have I ever seen a director get so irate he or she stormed off the set."

Some of Lopez's answers came as a shock to Remini, who was "going on one hour of sleep." As Lopez sipped her mocktail, she laughed, "Thank God this is not alcohol or I would be in trouble."

At another point in the show, the actresses played another game, "Who's the Champ?," in which they had to answer a series of questions and reveal who was better at doing something. Before he got down to it, a playful Cohen told them, "Hopefully no one will get slapped in the process!"

Here are the questions Cohen read:

• "Who's the champ at breaking it down on the dance floor?"

• "Who's the champ at putting on a happy face when they're actually incredibly pissed off?"

• "Who's the champ at clapping back at internet trolls?"

• "Who's the champ at hosting parties?"

• "Who's the champ at giving advice on relationship issues?"

• "Who's the champ at throwing down in the kitchen?"

• "Who's the champ at apologizing when they realize they're wrong?"

"Who's the champ at spotting a shady person who's pretending to be genuine?"

"Who's the champ at gathering the juiciest gossip?"

"Who's the champ at keeping the other person's secrets?"

To find out how the co-stars answered—and if they got slapped!—watch the videos now.

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