Leah Remini Just Revealed Her Support for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Romance

Second Act co-stars also discuss the balance between success and love

By Mike Vulpo Dec 11, 2018 10:31 PMTags
Watch: Leah Remini Cosigns Alex Rodriguez for Jennifer Lopez

When it comes to dating, chances are your BFF has some type of influence.

Sure, they may share some tips for your dating app profile. And maybe they will help pick out the perfect outfit for your night out on the town.

But when it comes to long-lasting relationships, it sure makes things easier if your bestie approves of your special someone. Just ask Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini

"You just want your bestie to be happy and fulfilled and in a good place and that's why I love seeing [Leah] with Angelo," Jennifer explained to E! News' Justin Sylvester before the release of Second Act. "You just know that that's their person. That's her ride or die. That's who makes her happy. That's who makes her thrive."

With that in mind, has Leah given the seal of approval on Jennifer's romance with Alex Rodriguez?

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"I think it's about seeing your friend happy and that's when you know," she shared with a smile on your face.

Watch: Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Talk "Second Act" Friendship

Close to 10 years ago, Leah and Jennifer started forming a friendship. Fast-forward to today and the pair is playing best friends in Second Act. From the moment cameras started rolling, it was hard to deny the chemistry between the two Hollywood stars.

"Much like in real life, Leah makes me laugh like nobody else and she also at times is the biggest strength that I've had in some of my toughest points in my life," Jennifer shared with us. "We were able to not act when the camera turned on and really just bring our true friendship to that true friendship that was on the page."

Away from sound stages and the cameras, these two ladies don't bond over lights and material things.

Instead, both Leah and Jennifer choose to focus on each other's successes including their happy family life.

"What we are most excited for and celebrate is our families," Jennifer shared. "That is something that has grown over our friendship. I had babies after her but she was pregnant with Sofia when I met her so those big moments."

Watch their friendship for yourself when Second Act hits theatres everywhere on December 21.