Colleen Ballinger, a.k.a. YouTube's Miranda Sings, Gives Birth

"I can't stop staring at him! He's so perfect!" the comedienne tells her followers

By Zach Johnson Dec 11, 2018 12:40 PMTags
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"He's perfect."

Those are the first words Colleen Ballinger used to describe her firstborn son, who was born overnight. The YouTube star, whose Miranda Sings character inspired the scripted Netflix spinoff Haters Back Off!, has yet to announce the name of her child with fiancé Erik Stocklin.

After Ballinger tweeted she'd gone into labor Monday, her friend Ariana Grande replied, "OMG." Grande, who cast Ballinger in her "Thank U, Next" video, added, "I love you so much."

"Behold, the birth of the YouTube savior is upon us," YouTuber Daniel Preda joked on Twitter. "May he deliver us from the wrath of 2018." Meanwhile, vlogger and former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa tweeted, "I'M SO EXCITED FOR U!! I CANT WAIT TO MEET THE LIL DUDE!"

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After her son's birth, Ballinger spent some time interacting with fans on Twitter. Joking that her "vagina is shredded" after childbirth, the new mom said she's "so happy" she's no longer pregnant. More importantly, she is "so in love with him! He's so cute it's actually offending me."

Ballinger said her son "came so early," as he "didn't want to miss Christmas."

While she's yet to share a photo of her newborn with fans, Ballinger did tell one user he looks "exactly" like his actor father. "It's almost spooky how much they look alike. A full on mini me!" the 32-year-old actress tweeted. "He's so cute!!! I can't stop staring at him! He's so perfect!"