Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Living Separately as They Decide Future of Marriage

The Teen Mom OG stars open up about their relationship in new interview

By Cydney Contreras Dec 08, 2018 2:43 AMTags
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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are working to repair their relationship.

In this season of Teen Mom OG, fans have seen the famous couple struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship as they deal with their own mental health. What fans have yet to see, is the "30-day self-reflection" period that Catelynn and Tyler have agreed to, to see if they can really envision a future together. 

On Friday, Tyler went on the air with Mojo in the Morning to dish on this and whether or not they are going to be a couple when the 30 days come to an end. 

First things first, Tyler established that this is not a "separation" or a "hall pass" type of thing. While they are living separately for the time being, the couple still keeps up with their movie and dinner nights with one another. And Catelynn even revealed when she phoned in that Tyler "spends the nights quite a lot."

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However, when they are apart, Tyler said, "Literally [we] just dive into therapy." For his mental health, the 26-year-old revealed he focuses on meditation and deep-breathing, while Caitlynn continues to seek treatment for postpartum depression and general anxiety. Most importantly, the two maintain frequent visits to their marriage counselor. 

Tyler explains that the break wasn't just for the sake of their marriage, but more to do their own "mental health stuff." And they've seen a real change in the two weeks or so that they've been apart. , 

Catelynn said, "I think like, we've been seeing a couple's therapist and things like that and I've even asked Tyler like, 'Do you think things are getting better?' Cause I feel like things have been shifting and changing and he's agreed with me."


Thankfully, they're only days away from the 30-day mark and sound hopeful about their future, although they know there is a possibility things might not work out. "We both kind of decided when we did this, we were like, 'Listen, we're gonna do this and then we're gonna come back to the drawing board after this little self-reflection time and see where we stand.' But I don't think it's going to happen like that," Tyler shared. If someone decides to call it quits though, he said, "We'd cross that bridge when it comes."

Regardless of the outcome, they both anticipate Tyler getting a lot of grief from the public for taking a break from his pregnant wife. Tyler even shared, "I had to call myself an a-hole for doing it, because the fact of the matter is is that just because she's pregnant, doesn't mean that we [don't] have to do our mental health stuff."

And Catelynn may have been "reluctant" at first, but now she knows it was a "positive thing" for their marriage. "You know he just had so much on his plate," the mother-of-two explained. "After awhile I was like, 'No, he deserves this time for himself, because he was holding down so much'."


However, following the tell-all interview, Catelynn took to Instagram to address the rumors swirling around their marriage. In the since-deleted post, she wrote, "YES we are having a 30 day reflection time. NO we are not getting a divorce! YES I know what I put him and nova through when I left for treatment! He was AMAZING and supported me the whole time!"

She concluded her statement, "I also knew I had to go so I wouldn't commit SUICIDE! I am supporting what he wants now! WE love each other and ALWAYS WILL!"