It's in the Stars! Watch Becca Tobin Learn She's the "Beyoncé" of LADYGANG

Much to Keltie Knight's chagrin, Becca Tobin is destined for greatness

By Alyssa Ray Dec 07, 2018 6:44 PMTags

A star is born!

In this clip from Sunday's all-new LADYGANG, Becca Tobin learns that she's destined for huge levels of fame during a tarot card reading. However, Becca's LADYGANG co-host Keltie Knight isn't all too thrilled to learn this news.

"People are going to be like, ‘Who is that? Wait, who is that? Oh, I saw her on this thing,'" a tarot card reader informs the Glee alum. "You just have to let yourself be noticed."

Although close friend (and Becca's former Glee costar) Lea Michele tries to comfort the entertainment journalist, it appears Knight is well aware of Becca's star potential. "It's abundantly clear that Becca's the Beyoncé," Keltie quips to the group.

Yet, when Becca receives another star card, Keltie breaks down slightly. "She's gonna die," Becca jokes during the reading.

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"Just, please, pretend to flip the star over for her," Lea goes on to beg.

In an attempt to further roast Keltie, Becca asks her peer if she needs sunglasses as her card "pile is so bright."

"Today went so great," the "Cannonball" singer relays later on. "She may not be as convinced."

"I'm good; I loved my reading," Keltie concludes while clenching her teeth.

At the end of the reading, Keltie resolves to have more fun, Lea declares she'll have more sex and Becca embraces her fame.

Watch the funny tarot card reading for yourself above!