Balthazar Getty, Brothers and Sisters


It is written.

That's what I'm hearing from sources over at Brothers & Sisters—that producers have penned what appears to be an exit storyline for Balthazar Getty. And it's perfectly scandalous...and perfectly fitting. (You fans will be shocked.)

After weeks of rumors that Getty has been causing problems on the set, sources tell us exclusively that episode 19, titled "Spring Broken," will be Getty's last of the season.

According to insiders who work on the show, Getty's character, Tommy Walker, will have a very dramatic and surprising storyline in coming episodes, in which he will—spoiler alert!—go to jail, get out on bail and go on the lam in Mexico.

But here's the really scandalous part...

Sources tell me that before he goes, Balthazar's Tommy will get thoroughly wasted, flirt with young girls and get a nice slap across the face from his mother, Nora (Sally Field).

Maybe mother always does know best?

For those of you who haven't been following Brothers & Sisters (and you really should be, 'cause this solid series is getting even better in coming episodes), Tommy hatched an illegal plan to edge Holly (Patricia Wettig) out of the Walker family business. He's done some pretty illegal things to achieve his goal, like embezzle $2 million from the company. Hence, the trip to jail, and, well, you'll see the rest.

Will you miss Balthazar on Brothers & Sisters? What do you think of what's in store for Tommy?

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