Watch Kim Kardashian Meet Alice Johnson for the First Time Following Her Release From Prison on KUWTK

The KUWTK star sits down with Alice to talk life after prison

By Alyssa Ray Dec 07, 2018 3:30 PMTags
Watch: Kim Kardashian & Alice Johnson Meet After Her Release

A moving meet-up.

In this clip from Sunday's season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian finally meets with Alice Johnson after working tirelessly to get her released from prison. Understandably, as Alice had been behind bars for 21 years for a nonviolent drug crime, her hometown of Memphis is beyond thrilled that she is home.

"People recognize me now and they're in tears hugging me and telling me how happy they are that I've come back home," Alice shares with the KKW Beauty boss. "I don't know these people, but they're so happy for me. It's just love, it's like a lovefest."

In fact, it appears that Alice's story and Kim's activism has even left a lasting impact on President Donald Trump.

Growing Up Kardashian: Kim Kardashian

"Jared [Kushner] was texting me and said, 'Honestly we couldn't have picked a better person to open up his heart and for this to get started because now he doesn't want to stop,'" North West's mom happily relays to Alice. "That's all you, so thank you."

Unsurprisingly, this entire process has motivated Kim to do more as she's become aware at "how messed up our system is."

"There's so much that has to be done and I know Alice's case is the one that spoke to me, but now that that is in me I can't stop at Alice," Kim concludes later on. "There has to be so much more that I can do."

Kim's visit with Alice is an especially sweet one as even Kanye West gets on the phone to speak with the 63-year-old grandmother. During their brief chat, Alice proves she is a 'Ye fan by gushing about the "love" she has for the "Famous" rapper.

Watch this sweet scene play out in the clip above!