How Catherine Zeta-Jones Teaches Her Daughter to Avoid the Pressures of Perfection

A-list starlet talks family, the barrage of perfection and Queen America

By Anna Von Oehsen Nov 30, 2018 11:19 PMTags
Watch: Catherine Zeta-Jones Discusses Pageant World & Body Issues

Catherine Zeta-Jones has something to say about the perception of perfection.

While promoting the new series Queen America, Zeta-Jones sat down with E! News to discuss her perspective of body image and body issues. The actress points out that there are many different spheres where we see these concerns and tendencies come about. "It's not just the pageant world. It's the fashion industry. It's the music stars. It's me—the actress world. It's the Instagram world. Facebook world. Snapchat world. It's the constant barrage of images that are usually fake perfection because if it's not perfect you can always get an app to fix that," she explained.

Queen America is a dark comedic show set in Oklahoma. Zeta-Jones stars as Vicky Ellis, a ruthless pageant coach preparing an unlucky contender named Samantha for the title of Miss America.

The topic of perfection, or strive for perfection, is a fitting theme that is addressed in the show. The new project explores what can really be learned through these unrealistic standards—problems that are not limited to the pageant scene and aren't just beauty-related issues.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones' Daughter Reveals If She Has a Stricter Parent

"None of us are perfect in the show...the juxtaposition of what is perfection. The world needs perfection, but look at this world really—look at the issues we show—the bulimia, the predators, more issues that we address—that to me, is why the show is important," the former Chicago star explained.

Especially as a mother to her 15-year-old daughter, Carys Douglas, Zeta-Jones takes it upon herself to have these conversations with her teen to talk about how to deal with the pressures of perfection. "She's got her head on straight. She gets it. She's helped girlfriends at her school go through issues," the proud mom revealed. "She comes from a family where we're really close knit. We talk a lot, we express a lot...she's a special lady."

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In addition to raising a young woman, Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are also parents to a son, 18-year-old Dylan Douglas. Dylan is off at college while Carys has a couple years left of high school. When asked about any plans for the soon-to-be empty nesters, the Oscar-winner shared, "Yeah, I guess Michael and I will travel. We love to travel. Our wings have been clipped because we never leave the kids - only if we're working...I know we will miss them desperately but I know the first thing for us will be to do more traveling than we've done in our 20 year relationship."

Queen America on Facebook Watch airs Sundays.