Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Adorably Feeds Baby Miles: See More of Their Sweetest Sibling Moments

These celeb kids are making our hearts melt.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 28, 2018 10:24 PMTags
Chrissy Teigen, Miles Stephens, Luna StephensInstagram

Luna Simone Stephens is showing baby brother Miles the bottle ropes. 

There's two times the sweetness in John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's house thanks to their two little ones. From bath time to snuggles, the big sister-little brother duo are stealing everyone's heart on social media, courtesy of their famous parents' postings. 

The latest heartwarming moment was a video Teigen posted on Instagram of Luna showing her sibling how to drink out of his bottle. The doting toddler held the bottle to Miles' mouth before instructing him how to do it himself. 

"Hold it with two hands, Miles," the 2-year-old tot adorably advised. We're melting!

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's Cutest Pics

It seems like mama Teigen melted too because she shared a crying emoji in the caption. Needless to say, it's cuteness overload and little Luna is already rocking the big sister role. 


For more of their sweetest sibling moments, check out E!'s gallery below:

No Pictures, Please

Sure, we're all aware 2-year-old Miles Stephens is dad John Legend's mini me, but who knew Luna Stephens (on Apr. 24) could serve Chrissy Teigen-like looks?

On the Agenda...

"Board Meeting" Legend said of a March pic with his quaranteam. And with this talented crew, we're apt to believe him. 

Table Service

Once a place the model used to pose for Alloy catalogs, this Turks and Caicos conch shack made for the perfect lunch spot in January. 

Miles of Smiles

"best buddies (sometimes)" Teigen shared of the sibs, born just 25 months apart. Raise your hand if you can relate.

Buckets of Fun

According to Teigen, her 4-year-old (here, last August) "is obsessed with sitting on my countertop in the bathroom," but, in a pinch, a basket will work just fine. 

Fancy Feet

Sharing is caring? Ahead of this sweet Aug. 2019 snap, wrote the model, "Luna put her shoes on him."

Out to Lunch

"she wanted a very fancy picnic, the kind Ursula would have if she were young?" Teigen wrote of Luna's Little Mermaid-themed request last July. "Whatever that means." No matter, the Cravings author was up for the challenge. 

Summer Summer Summertime

Were there fireworks last July 4 or is that just the sound of our heart bursting open? 

Seeing Double

So, this is what happens when you clone yourself. "me and john," Teigen captioned this June 2019 snap of their lookalikes.

Hittin' the Bottle

"Hold it with two hands, Miles!" instructed Luna, trying to show the then-6-month-old the dinnertime ropes. 

How Much For that Baby in the Bucket?

Because why even have a kid (here, in Oct. 2018) if you're not going to pose him in adorable spaces? 

Dad Life

Teigen, appropriately, had just one thing to say about this tag-team moment in July 2018: "Bahahahahaha."

Come Fly With Me

At just three months, Miles was still adapting to the jet set life. Thankfully, Luna was a seasoned pro. 

Sink In

"*heart explodes*" Teigen wrote of this shared Oct. 2018 bath. Same, Chrissy. Same. 

Hug It Out

Big sis swooped in for a big embrace for then-3-month-old Miles in August 2018.