Nattie Neidhart Vows to Give Late Father Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart "the Best Send-Off Ever" on Total Divas

By Alyssa Ray Nov 28, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Nattie Neidhart Preps for Late Father "The Anvil's" Funeral

Remembering a legend.

In this clip from tonight's season finale of Total Divas, Nattie Neidhart and her family make arrangements for Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart's funeral. Understandably, the Total Divas star is determined to give her late father "the best send-off ever."

"I want people to know that we love my dad so much and that, you know, he's making us cry so much because he was that great," Nattie tearfully relays in a confessional.

Together, Nattie and her loved ones create a memory table for the late WWE star. Not only do the Neidharts place "Anvil" memorabilia on display, but they also hang up items from Jim's childhood.

Per the 36-year-old wrestler, she just wants her father to have "that last little spotlight."

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"This is the best of Daddy's life right here," Nattie's mother Elizabeth Hart notes. "This is perfect, there isn't anymore. This is what I wanted, everything…his family, his dreams, his medals, everything that he's about is on this table."

In fact, the "absolutely beautiful" memory table is something Jim would've appreciated if he was still alive.

"And I know my dad would've loved that, because he loved being a part of Total Divas," Nattie concludes. "He would be so happy that we included him like we always did."

Watch the emotional scene for yourself in the clip above.