Trivia Time! Watch Brie Bella Quiz Husband Daniel Bryan With a "Bella Brains Question"

By Alyssa Ray Nov 27, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Brie & Nikki Bella Get Schooled on Albert Einstein

Bryan Danielson may've been a history professor in another life!

In this clip from Wednesday's season finale of Total Divas, the WWE expert (known professionally as Daniel Bryan) flaunts his knowledge during a "Bella brains question."

"What year did Albert Einstein die?" Brie Bella asks her husband over the phone.

At first, Bryan is hesitant about answering the question, but gives it a shot once his wife claims "he doesn't know" the fun fact. Ultimately, Danielson guesses that Einstein passed in 1958—an answer which is only off by three years.

"Wow, that was really close," Nikki Bella remarks.

Apparently, the Bella Twins thought the famed physicist passed on during the 1800s. "He seemed like he was a part of Socrates, or at least, a part of Newton," the Total Divas star further notes. "I thought he was around the time with the light bulb."

Brie Bella & Birdie's Cutest Pics

Nikki concedes that her brother-in-law is probably right as Einstein's photos "seem fairly recent."

"Wait! You should just know because he has photos," Bryan teases.

"By the way, when we say stuff, we really have to think about it," Nikki later relays. "Like, 'Oh yeah! There's photos of Albert Einstein…So maybe he didn't die in the 1800s.'"

To be fair, Nikki's mind appears to be elsewhere during the conversation. Per the wrestling maven herself, she has a "hunger" for a comeback with Brie.

Watch the trivia talk for yourself in the clip above!