Party's Here! Get Ready to Laugh as We Celebrate Snooki's Birthday With Her Funniest On-Screen Moments

By Sam Howell Nov 23, 2018 6:30 PMTags
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When you think of single-name celebrities, we're sure there are a guaranteed few that come to mind.

Madonna. Cher. Rihanna. Beyoncé. You get the point.

But if we're being real, we'd also add Snooki to that list.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi changed the reality TV game forever by starring on Jersey Shore and our lives have never been the same because of it. So, on her 31st birthday, which is today, it only seems fair that we honor her best reality show moments right here.

Plus, in the wake of Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for and honestly, we'd be lying if we left Snooki off that list.

The MTV star has been providing us with television gold for almost a decade—we will hit the nine-year mark since Jersey Shore first aired on Dec. 3—and we couldn't be more grateful for that.

Between her one-liners, her insane antics and her many meme-able moments, the popular TV personality has forever secured a place in our hearts.

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The star has had us in stitches for just about 10 years, so it's no wonder that our go-to mode of celebration is one that is sure to leave you laughing.

That is Snooki's talent, after all. She is so stinking cute and always makes us laugh and we wouldn't have it any other way.

In honor of her big day, we've compiled some of the self-described "meatball's" best moments from her time on the air below. Trust us, you're going to enjoy the insanity that ensues in this list as we take a trip back through her original Jersey Shore days.

From funny falls to bold back flips—and all the WTF moments in between—you can celebrate Snooki's birthday by looking back at some of her most amazing moments now.

Happy birthday, Snooks. We just love you!


1. That Iconic Entrance

Let's be honest, the girl knows how to enter a room. In this case, this was her very first entrance into the Jersey Shore house and it couldn't have been more iconic. Well done, Snooki, we salute you.


2. When She Couldn't Find the the Beach

There are few things funnier in this world than a blackout Snooki who can't find the she's sprinting along the pier. After a brief moment of Snooki exclaiming, "Where's the beach?" a kind stranger points out that it's "right there," in the very place where it's been this whole time. It's just so funny.


3. Falling Face First in the Sand

Once Snooki found the beach, her frantic friends managed to track her down and attempted to get her home, where she could sleep this long day of drinking. But, just as they thought they were steering Snooki away from the sand and the surf, the reality star turned and bolted...or at least tried to. Sadly, her grand getaway was cut short when she face planted in the sand, which was rough for her but perfect TV for fans of the show.

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4. Letting It All Out in the Bar

The brunette beauty has always been known for being bold. During a night out with the rest of her Jersey Shore cast mates, Snookie decided to prove just how bold she was by busting out her best back flips on the dance floor. The catch? Snooki's nether regions were out and on display with every trick she performed.


5. Falling Off a Bike

In another drunken adventure, Snooki attempted to mount a bike, but swiftly fell over. Seriously, when is the girl going to learn that some things should be left for sober-day activities, not drunk shenanigans?


6. Work Time Is Play Time

Let's make one thing clear, Snooki didn't drink on the clock. She drank round the clock and it's all because she didn't want the party to end just because she had a shift bright and early. Therefore, she brought the party to work. Well, she tried, anyway.


7. Running Into a Bush

This is just one of those moments where momentum is not your friend. Snooki and Deena Cortese were having a blast on the dance floor, but when an intoxicated Snooki playfully charged at her house mate, she quickly realized she couldn't stop. So, when Cortese swiftly stepped aside, Snooki ran right into a bush.

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8. Tanning Fiasco

Snooki is too much sometimes, and yet, we love her so. During season three of the MTV series, the little meatball had an issue with tanning lotion, which led to her having an itchy derriere. How did she remedy this? She stuck her butt in the fridge, duh!


9. Grinding in a Bunny Suit

Snooki had a blast pranking her co-stars while wearing a bunny suit, so why hang up the hat? The TV personality took the costume to the club and clearly had a great time dancing around and making a little bit of a fool of herself, which we always support.


10. Practice Makes Perfect

While on Snooki & JWoww, the reality star took a moment to try on dresses for her upcoming nuptials to Jionni LaValle. In the process, Snooki took the time to test the age old question, "How do you pee in this?" Come on, you can't help but laugh at this moment.

There you have it! Those are some of Snooki's most iconic moments and they make us love her even more.

Happy birthday Snooks, and thank you for all the laughs!