Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski Team Up to Roast Hugh Jackman

Actors trolled the the Wolverine star over a photo of him with Emily Blunt

By Jess Cohen Nov 19, 2018 5:22 PMTags
Watch: Hugh Jackman on Twitter War With Ryan Reynolds & John Krasinski

Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski had some fun teasing their pal Hugh Jackman over the weekend.

On Saturday, the Front Runner actor participated in Variety's Actors on Actors series, where two stars sit down to discuss their careers and latest projects with each other. This year, Jackman was paired with Mary Poppins Returns star Emily Blunt, and the two posed for pictures together after filming their interview.

"Had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing EMILY BLUNT today," Jackman tweeted to his social media followers along with a photo of him and Blunt.

In the photo Jackman posted, he and Blunt can be seen smiling for the cameras. But it was another photo from the event that caught Blunt's husband's attention. 

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After seeing a photo of Jackman and Blunt in a somewhat close, somewhat awkward embrace, Krasinski tweeted it to Jackman, jokingly telling him, "Eeeeeeasy Hugh... not sure this is what @Variety meant with #ActorsonActors....Don't make me think I can hurt you."

That's when Reynolds—who is known for his social media antics, especially with Jackman—chimed in, "This is a call to action. This man must be stopped."

While Jackman hasn't posted a response, he did like Krasinski's teasing tweet.

It was just last month that Jackman trolled his pal Reynolds on his birthday.

"Because I'm told that I AM THE NICEST GUY and you're NOT. @VancityReynolds ... I will let you hug me. Just this once. On your birthday," Jackman tweeted along with a photo of the duo sharing an embrace.

"This man is a monster," Reynolds replied. "He's not even from Australia. He's from Milwaukee."