Liposuction, Roller Skating & Bikini Shots! Here's What the LADYGANG Gals Have Planned for the Holidays

The LADYGANG stars spill what they're doing this Christmas and Hanukkah

By Alyssa Ray Nov 21, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: "LadyGang" Going Their Separate Ways for the Holidays

The LADYGANG ladies have big plans for this holiday season.

Although the podcasters turned E! personalities will be separated for Christmas and Hanukkah, they each have equally hilarious plans for this upcoming December. Thankfully, the LADYGANG gals teased their slated holiday activities during an exclusive sit down with E! News.

"I have a Menorah dress that my husband's family bought me to represent my culture," Becca Tobin shared. "That's what I like to do on Christmas Eve. It looks like an ice skating uniform and they're big Christmas people."

Apparently, the Glee veteran traditionally wears the festive Hanukkah number during a roller skating outing with her in-laws. For those of you dying to see pics, don't fret, as Becca promised to share images of the dress this holiday season.

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As for Keltie Knight? The entertainment journalist is eyeing a cosmetic procedure amid her downtime.

"I'm hoping to take time off and get some liposuction on my double chin," Knight revealed.

Keltie wasn't the only one to be candid about her holiday plans as Jac Vanek noted that she's going away to Mexico with her parents.

"Gotta get a bikini pic! The winter won't stop me," Vanek quipped.

However, the businesswoman promised her dad wouldn't be her vacation photographer since she has "to draw the line somewhere."

Watch Becca, Keltie and Jac discuss their hilarious holiday plans in the clip above!