The One Thing Sarah Paulson Stole From the American Horror Story: Apocalypse Set Will Warm Your Heart

The actress now has a new decoration in her house

By Chris Harnick Nov 15, 2018 9:28 PMTags
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Sarah Paulson has a soft spot in her heart for a certain witch. The American Horror Story: Apocalypse star and director took to Instagram to reveal the one item she took home from the FX series. No, it wasn't anything having to do with one of her three directors, nor did it relate to her time in the director's chair. Warning, AHS: Apocalypse finale spoilers follow!

The end of AHS: Apocalypse featured the AHS: Coven witches, led by Paulson's Cordelia Goode, successful at resetting the clock. Mallory (Billie Lourd) went back in time and killed Michael (Cody Fern) during his weakened state while he still lived with Constance (Jessica Lange). This undid the nuclear apocalypse that took place in the first episode. And because there was no apocalypse, Cordelia never got desperate enough to bring Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) back to life. So, Myrtle's death, which occurred at the end of American Horror Story: Coven, stayed in place.

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The end of the series featured Cordelia introducing Mallory to Myrtle via a portrait. Paulson snatched that portrait right off the wall and took it home with her after they finished filming. "The one thing I stole from the set...(literally shot the scene, took it off the wall and put it in my car) it's now hanging in my house," Paulson wrote on Instagram. "Dearest Myrtle Snow, Cordelia's guiding light and true north...I ❤️ Frances Conroy with my whole heart. I will miss Cordelia, but will remember her every time I see this."

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This was Paulson's second time playing the Supreme witch Cordelia. She originated the character in American Horror Story: Coven, the show's third season. AHS: Apocalypse was the long-awaited crossover season between Coven and AHS: Murder House, the first season.

American Horror Story has already been renewed through season 10 on FX.