Tears, Fears & More! Watch the Total Divas Ladies Come Together on "the Best Girls Trip"

By Alyssa Ray Nov 15, 2018 3:00 AMTags
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The ladies of Total Divas have formed quite the sisterhood.

On Wednesday's all-new Total Divas, the WWE stars challenged each other to conquer their fears while in Lake Tahoe for a girls trip. While the getaway initially got off to a rough start, the women put their issues behind them in order to grow together.

"I was sitting here thinking to myself, I'd be interested to know what your guys' biggest fears are," Paige announced during drinks with her costars. "What are you scared to do?"

After the British wrestling veteran revealed she never learned how to swim due to a fear of deep water, Nattie Neidhart shared she's terribly afraid of heights. Before long, the ladies were planning how each one of them could overcome a fear they have.

"I love that," Nikki Bella expressed to the group. "All of us conquering fears this week, I think we should do that."

Divas Hit the Gym

Ironically, it was twin sister Brie Bella who shared Nikki's poetry fear with the girls. Per the Total Bellas star, Nikki writes beautiful poetry and struggles sharing it with others.

"I don't tell anyone that I write poetry, my poetry is my diary," a nervous Nikki confessed to the Total Divas camera. "And that is one of my fears, is reciting a poem publicly to people. So, I'm going to conquer my fear like all the other girls."

Nonetheless, it was Lana who first overcame her "fitting in" insecurity as she let her co-stars catch her during a trust fall. Nattie and Paige were the ones to overcome their fears next and did so during a boating outing.

Nattie and TJ's Love Story

Neidhart made the girls proud by going parasailing with Trinity Fatu on Lake Tahoe. "I'm really freaked out," Nattie relayed later on. "But as we go up, I suddenly feel at peace and I'm not afraid of doing this."

Sadly, Paige's Lake Tahoe experience wasn't as peaceful as she started crying after tubing. "One of my phobias is being in deep water," a shaken Paige conveyed. "Even with a life jacket, I was so terrified. I had anxiety."

This wasn't the only candid moment from the episode, as Brie discussed the "mind game" she faces while coping with mom guilt. Although the Bella Twin was thrilled to be on the girls trip, she worried it would seem like she was happier away from daughter Birdie Joe Danielson.

Brie Bella & Birdie's Cutest Pics
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"Every time I go to bed, I get this really overwhelming sadness that I'm not gonna wake up with Birdie," the mother of one admitted. "And then, because of the guilt, you sit there and you think, 'I don't ever want it to come off that I'm happier doing these trips without her.'"

Thankfully, Brie's pals rallied around her and reminded her that she is a great mother. This praise and additional bonding activities had Brie declaring that the Tahoe getaway was "the best girls trip."

"I've never felt, in such a short amount of time, that I've become closer with these women," the Belle Radici boss concluded. "I don't know if it's Lake Tahoe, the women I'm surrounded by or the fact that we accomplished conquering our fears, but this trip will stand out as number one."

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