When Will Caprica Premiere?

The movie will be released on digital DVD and download, series to launch in 2010

By Jennifer Godwin Feb 05, 2009 11:30 PMTags
CapricaGregg DeGuire/WireImage.com, John Sciulli/WireImage.com, Albert L. Ortega/WireImage.com

"Well, if there's anything I can do to lower your expectations, that would probably be for the best." That's Eric Stoltz deftly managing fan excitement over the coming Battlestar Galactica spinoff, Caprica.

But expectations for Caprica—an atmospheric epic about cyborgs and broken hearts—can hardly be diminished when the cast includes such lights as Stoltz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcolmson and Polly Walker. For that matter, fans are atwitter at the news that Caprica will be executive produced by noted Buffy and BSG alum Jane Espenson.

Good thing then for the fans that Universal Media muckety-mucks have just released the news of where and when you can get your Galactica on after the current series ends on March 20. We've got the dish...

Apparently the two-hour Caprica prequel film will not be broadcast (on Sci Fi Channel) until the whole series launches in 2010, but eager fans can buy it early as a DVD or digital download beginning April 21 of this year. The series proper, currently scheduled for a 22-episode first season, will launch in 2010.

Stoltz, who will play morally gray computer baron Daniel Greystone, tells us exclusively, "We start shooting in the summertime. I'm very excited about it. We're all sort of surprised that something with this kind of rich interesting content is actually going forward. Working with Paula Malcolmson [who plays Daniel's wife, Amanda] on the movie was so fun. We had done a short together 10 years ago called The Rocking-Horse Winner, so we had known each other over the years. It's really helps when you have a relationship with someone and you know that you like them and you're going into rather heavy work with them."

Are you excited to meet the Greystones and grandpapa Adama? Will you be buying or downloading the TV in April? Post in the comments!