Camila Mendes Explains Boyfriend Charles Melton's Fiery Nickname for Her

The Riverdale star said she can be quite "ferocious."

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 13, 2018 2:05 PMTags

Camila Mendes brings the fire. 

The Riverdale star can apparently be quite ferocious and her boyfriend Charles Melton's nickname for her reflects that. 

"Last night on the red carpet, we learned that your nickname from your boyfriend Charles Melton is Baby Dragon," Busy Philipps said during an interview with actress on Monday's Busy Tonight

"I am Baby Dragon," Camila confirmed. 

"Is that because you're sweet and also fierce?" Philipps asked. 

"I can be quite…I guess just ferocious is the only word, but it's like a cute type of ferocious," the star explained. "I'm Brazilian—we're like passionate, so sometimes a little baby dragon comes out."

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Fans love the nuggets of info Mendes shares with her fans, especially if they involve her and her co-star beau. However, as the 24-year-old continues to learn with her new life in the public eye, not everything should be shared. 

"I want to be pretty normal and conversational and I like to talk to people, so my instinct is always just to talk about [my boyfriend], but then the famous side of me is like, 'Don't do that. Maybe don't talk about it as much or don't open that door as much,' because at the end of the day it is a private thing."

Still, as she mentioned, she's innately an open person. 

"I'm not naturally a private person, so I try to bring that side of me out in public, too," she added. "I do have to learn and I'm still learning boundaries with myself."