Tyler Henry Spills Hollywood Medium Season 4 Secrets at the People's Choice Awards

The medium shares what fans can expect on the upcoming season of his E! show

By Stephanie Wenger Nov 12, 2018 9:51 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Receives Brain Scan in "HMWTH" Season 4

Fans can hardly wait for the return of the Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry in 2019.

Even though it's still 2018, Tyler Henry and Charlie Travers were ready to share all the details about the upcoming season of their hit show at Sunday's E! People's Choice Awards.

"We finished filming yesterday and it comes out [soon] so lots of amazing documentary stuff this season and it's gonna be so exciting," Travers exclusively told E! News on the PCAs red carpet over the weekend.

But, you can expect more than just Henry's insightful readings with his Hollywood clients during season four of the hit E! docu-series. This season, the series is taking you behind the scenes of the readings as well, which is very new and exciting.

"Yes! I got my brain scanned while I was doing a reading by Dr. Drew and another doctor," Henry revealed about the behind-the-scenes aspects coming up. "It was definitely an interesting thing. You'll see the results of the tests and how it went."

Tyler Henry Reveals Hollywood Medium Season 4 Will Be ''More Emotional Than Some Previous Ones''

"You can see his brain changing as he is giving a reading, see what the difference is," Travers continued. "More about his process as well this season. Like how it is behind the scenes, what he is actually going through, how he sees the images, things like that."

The 22-year old clairvoyant also confessed that the brain scan was personally affirming for him and has further solidified that his gift is real and means something to not just his fans, but to him on a personal level.

"Being able to understand, especially in a brain scan, to see that there are real things happening in my brain, it really is validating even for me," Tyler concluded.

We can hardly wait to see what other revelations the Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side author shares when Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry returns to E! in 2019.

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