After Nearly 20 Years, Law & Order: SVU Goes Inside Ice-T's Apartment

The move comes after the rapper-actor told E! News he had given up on seeing Fin's personal life

By Chris Harnick Nov 12, 2018 8:20 PMTags
Watch: Ice-T Has Given Up On Fin's Personal Life on "SVU"

Twenty seasons in and Law & Order: SVU is still breaking new ground. In "Mea Culpa," the sixth episode of SVU directed by series star and executive producer Mariska Hargitay, viewers will see something they've only seen briefly before: Fin's apartment. Yes, after 20 seasons on the show, viewers will finally get a closer look at where Ice-T's character lives. Viewers saw his apartment once before in season 14.

"I don't care," Ice told E! News when asked if we'd see Fin's home life in season 20.

"I've given up on that one. You know, 20 years, I don't even know where I live, I don't have a car…but at least they've been letting me wear some Gucci now and then, so I've got a nice wardrobe," he added with a laugh at the season 20 premiere.

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So, what's the special occasion that gets viewers inside this mythical apartment? It's not a reason to celebrate. Stone (Philip Winchester) ends up crashing on Fin's couch after a night out that ended with him "messed up."

Just look at those red walls.

"What happened last night?" Fin asks Stone in the clip above. Stone's not sure…

"You said you were accused of rape," Fin says.

"I ran into a woman that I didn't recognize at first. She looked at me like she'd seen a ghost…then she accused me of assaulting her," Stone says.

As Stone tells it, the first encounter happened years ago after a game (remember he's a former baseball player) when he had some drinks and he returned to his hotel with said accuser. They got hot and heavy and he woke up alone. When he called her the next day, she said she would call the police if he tried to contact her again.

That's when some tough love from Fin comes in.

"I might not remember everything, but I know I didn't rape anyone," Stone says.

The episode, which airs Thursday, Nov. 15, sees Stone take his own case to trial. Guest stars include George Newbern, Eddie Hargitay and Alexandra Breckenridge.

Law & Order: SVU airs Thursdays, 10 p.m. on NBC.

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