50 Cent

Jeff Kravitz/WireImage.com

As far as 50 Cent's baby mama is concerned, the rapper's money train has left the station.

A Manhattan State Supreme Court Justice today dismissed a $50 million lawsuit brought against the artist by former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins, who was attempting to obtain half of 50 Cent's assets after claiming the rapper promised to take care of her for life.

Justice Carol Edmead dismissed all 15 claims brought by Tompkins, with whom he has an 11-year-old son, calling the case "an unfortunate tale of a love relationship gone sour."

"I'm very thankful for this decision," 50 Cent said. "I knew that once the facts were heard that justice would prevail. I hope now that we can put this behind us and move forward with our lives."

In addition to her claim that Fiddy promised to give her half his earnings for life, Tompkins also alleged that the 32-year-old rapper promised to give her his Dix Hills home—the same Long Island property that, unfortunately, burned down in May 2008. (A month later, Tompkins filed for a restraining order against 50 Cent; he responded by filing a $20 million defamation suit against his very estranged ex.)

"Ms. Tompkins' claims pertaining to a $50 million verbal contract were entirely frivolous," said the rapper's attorney, Brett Kimmel. "In dismissing the case before trial, the court is sending a clear message. This is a complete and total victory for 50."

Meanwhile, Tompkins' lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, said they were considering an appeal.

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