American Horror Story: Apocalypse Explains a Lot But We're Still Confused

One more week until the finale, but there's still so much we need to know

By Lauren Piester Nov 08, 2018 4:09 AMTags
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Dang it, nerds!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse has been slowly shedding some light on exactly how the apocalypse came to be, and a few things made a whole lot of sense this week. After last week's strange and somewhat less-than-exciting episode saw Michael (Cody Fern) getting himself a new Kathy Bates from two nerdy engineers (Billy Eichner and Evan Peters in the worst wigs of all time) who build life-like female robots, this week showed us that the nerds could also control the robot. That meant that they could use it to put ideas into Michael's head—ideas like "he should go back to the nerds and listen to them." 

So he did, and they introduced him to "The Cooperative," also known as the Illuminati (LOL), and explained to him that as the Antichrist, he controlled the Cooperative, and he could end the world and destroy the witches. He then went to the Cooperative, made up of a whole bunch of masked rich people, and informed them that they and their families would be safe in a series of outposts, which they were also going to help build. 

Later, the nerds explained to their secretary, Ms. Venable, that they were going to build some outposts, and she could run one and make up all her own rules for the people inside it. So we have two genius idiots to thank for all this, which is typical. 

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Meanwhile, the witches tried to figure out what to do about Mr. Antichrist, especially after he attacked (with the help and encouragement of Dinah Stevens so she could get a talk show!) and murdered most of the coven. Cordelia had visions of finding her girls dead and not being able to bring them back, at which point Madison revealed that Michael can kill and completely erase people, to the point where their souls are just gone

That's when the witches decided to test out those powers Mallory has that people have been theorizing about. She can possibly reverse time, which could be extremely helpful in the face of Michael Langdon. They tested it by having her go back to Russia in 1918 and saving Anastasia. She didn't manage it, but she at least managed to go back to 1918 and almost save Anastasia, which was close enough to at least know she was capable of it. 

Now, in next week's finale, there are still quite a few questions to answer. 

What is the thinking behind sending Mallory and Coco to live in the bunker? Are the nerdy engineer versions of Billy Eichner and Evan Peters the same dudes who later end up in the bunker with their memories similarly erased? And also why? 

Will they ever explain to us the point of those two starcrossed kids at the beginning of the season? Will we remember the rest of the stuff that happened at the start of this season well enough to even appreciate it if our questions get answered in the finale? All will be known next week! Hopefully! 

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.