11 Thoughts Everyone Has Had While Watching House Hunters

HGTV's addictive home show is both frustrating and entertaining

By Chris Harnick Nov 08, 2018 2:00 AMTags
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House Hunters, the show everyone can agree with their mothers on, is a gift that keeps on giving for judgmental TV viewers. Where else can you get a glimpse into both a stranger's home and their psyche as they tour potential dwellings, deeming certain, of questionable, things acceptable?

Airing new episodes weeknights on HGTV, House Hunters is a show that both calm and enrage viewers, depending on the couple searching for a new home. These are thoughts everyone has had while watching an episode of House Hunters or House Hunters: International, yes besides "Don't pick that one!" and "They'll be divorced soon."

1. "It's just paint. You can paint."
How many times has a buyer been turned off by the color of a room? It's an easy fix, look beyond the color of the wall!

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2. "Moving out of your neighborhood is fine."
If you have kids and have to change school districts it's a different story, but couples who are so set on their neighborhood rather than the place they can get a better deal or house will never not mystify us.

3. "A half bath really isn't that important."
How often will you use that powder room? And if you want one so badly, having it off the kitchen is fine.

4. "You can replace furniture."
This is specific to House Hunters: International because many of the properties there are furnished.

5. "Why is everyone obsessed with kitchen islands?"
They're fine?

6. "How many people actually use breakfast nooks?"
Seriously, do you?

7. "How often will you use pot filler faucet?"
Once, you'll use it once.

8. "The city center has drawbacks too!"
Another one for House Hunters: International: It can be loud, expensive and a hassle. Look outside the city center!

9. "I could live like a millionaire in ______."
Insert a city/suburb that is not New York or Los Angeles.

10. "Don't open floor plans get noisy?"
Like, don't you want privacy?

11. "OK, how are you affording this budget?"
Sometimes the couples are like a teacher and an artist and their budget is huge! How?!

House Hunters airs weeknights, 10 p.m. on HGTV.