Paige and Lana's Spat Over Room Assignments Threatens to Ruin Their Girls Trip to Lake Tahoe on Total Divas

By Mona Khalifeh Nov 08, 2018 3:00 AMTags
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Lana and Paige are duking it out, but this is one fight that can't be settled in the ring.

On tonight's all-new Total Divas, a girls trip to Lake Tahoe quickly takes a left turn when Lana and Paige start to fight over who gets the "better" room.

"No bitch, this is my room," Paige informed Lana. "I will leave right now. I'm not even kidding. I always get the basement," a disgruntled Lana retorted.

"Bitch, I don't want to stay with you in this room," Paige maintained. "This is why I never liked you Lana, because you're such a brat all the time. It's just a f--king bedroom!" 

The ordeal left Lana feeling emotional and left out.

"I was literally laying in the bed, but I did say that like, I'll share the room with someone, then you said that you don't want to share the room with me," Lana told Paige in front of the other girls, fighting back tears.

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But Paige still wasn't will to budge...until she realized how badly she hurt Lana's feelings.

"I want you to stay, so I'm just coming over here 'cause I probably went a little bit too far and I apologize," Paige reassured an upset Lana.

Though their issues were seemingly resolved, sisters Nikki Bella and Brie Bella worried that the fight started the trip on the wrong foot.

"I just felt like last night…it was just not how I really wanted to start the week off," Nikki relayed to her twin. "When you're in Lake Tahoe, it's a true bonding moment."

And while Nikki acknowledged there is a "revolution going on" for the females in the WWE, she believed change will only happen  if the women work together "outside of the ring."

"Lana and Paige definitely have issues that they need to figure out," the WWE superstar continued in a confessional. "They've had issues in the past and I don't think they actually ever have sat and talked it out, so ironically, Tahoe is like, so perfect for these two right now."

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Understandably, Nikki hoped the Lake Tahoe trip would teach the two wrestling experts how to both respect and like each other.

"They might get in another fight about it, but at least they can try to work things out," Brie concluded.

Before joining the girls in Tahoe, a homesick Trinity Fatu took a trip to Atlanta to visit some family, and the trip had her considering making it her second home.

"You should move up here," Trin's Uncle Buck suggested. "I think the most I could go for being away from home is probably once a month," Trinity admitted.

"And you know I love John, that's my nephew. That's my nephew, but I miss you sometimes," Uncle Buck confessed. "You know, we good for the soul."

While Trinity was all for it, it was her husband Jimmy Uso (John) who was dead set on staying in Florida.

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"I wish he would come with me or take breaks with me or take vacations with me, but he's so into his routine, how he wants things and being there for the kids, which I totally understand," Trin explained. "I just miss family and this is the closest I can get to family and I can't go another year feeling like that."

While it was the first we've heard of Trinity's desire to move to Atlanta, it was something she had been thinking about for some time now.

"No lie, Uncle Buck can read my mind like nobody else. I had already been feeling it and wanting and thinking maybe to get a place in Atlanta," Trinity confessed to the camera. "It'll be great for the kids to have somewhere to come to when they're out of school and more things to do. Atlanta is just a bigger, more exciting city."

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