Necessary Realness Breaks Down PCAs Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham's Timeless Style

By Stephanie Wenger Nov 06, 2018 9:14 PMTags
Watch: Necessary Realness: Victoria Beckham Is a Timeless Fashion Icon

Victoria Beckham can do no wrong in the style department. It's just a fact.

On E!'s Necessary Realness, host Morgan Stewart breaks down how the British star has avoided any, and all, fashion faux pas over the years and it's truly impressive.

That's right, the former pop star has been a permanent fixture on our best-dressed lists since her days in the Spice Girls and now she's earned the ultimate style honor...receiving the Fashion Icon Award at this weekend's E! People's Choice Awards.

In this video segment, Stewart points out that the 44-year-old designer never fell victim to less-than-flattering fashion trends that were so prevalent in the 90s. In fact, she managed to become a red carpet trendsetter while others were totally failing in the fashion department.

"She was ahead of the trend and that is why she is a fashion icon," Stewart explained on Necessary Realness.

Victoria Beckham to Receive the Fashion Icon Award at the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards

Beckham stepped up her style game in 2008 when she created her own clothing brand, aptly named Victoria Beckham, and we couldn't help but notice how incredibly chic she looked no matter where she was going. 

"She was full-fledged fashion, every moment leaving hotels, going to lunch, going to dinner, going to breakfast, breastfeeding, it was fashion all the time for Victoria," the host explained.

Check out the video above to find out just why Beckham's style is so timeless and what trait Stewart shares with the international star. 

Don't miss Beckham being honored with the Fashion Icon Award at this Sunday's People's Choice Awards, because let's be honest whatever she wears to accept the award will instantly become our next favorite look to rock this season.