8 Times Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Were Comedy Couple Goals

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Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone know how to bring the laughs. The married couple have appeared on screen together several times over the years and there is no denying that they know how to make comedy magic.

The Gilmore Girls alum and the Illinois native have teamed up to make movies including Tammy, Bridesmaids and The Boss and we can't get enough of watching the duo's chemistry.

The 48-year-old actress and her husband have also promoted their films over the years together and it's clear there is no script needed for these two to become a comedy dream team, which may be one of the reasons that McCarthy is being honored at the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards.

On Tuesday, E! announced that The Happytime Muders actress will receive the People's Icon Award at this year's show and in honor of this big news, we've decided to share the actress's best moments with her husband throughout her career.

See all of McCarthy and Falcone's funniest moments together below and don't miss the People's Choice Awards airing this Sunday, Nov. 11.

Melissa McCarthy Will Be Honored as the People's Icon of 2018 at the E! People's Choice Awards


Tammy (McCarthy) may be getting fired in this movie, but that doesn't mean that McCarthy and Falcone aren't working hard to make us laugh. The duo's hilarious partnership in Tammy all starts with a debate about who gets to keep Tammy's name tag and it really goes off the rails from there. Check out the clip above to see some of the pair's spectacular comedic timing!  


No matter how many times we watch Bridesmaids we can't help but laugh, because it is just too funny. Air Marshall Jon (Falcone) has an awkward first encounter with Megan (McCarthy) while sitting together on an airplane, which is super funny, but if you watch through the movie's credits you will find out exactly what happens between this pair in the end and it too is hilarious. Spoiler alert: it involves a sandwich and a bed!

Melissa McCarthy's Best Roles

The Boss

Not only are these two a joy to watch on screen, but this behind-the-scenes feature from their film The Boss proves that they are equally fun to work with on set. Their co-stars, including Kirsten Bell, Kathy Bates and Peter Dinklage all agree that they are great together both on screen and off.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Reliving their humble beginnings! McCarthy and Falcone dished on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about meeting at The Groundlings many years ago and how they started performing together. They have come a long way from their Bob Segar sketch and their story (see above) is too fun not to relive from time to time.

Melissa McCarthy's Best Looks

No-So-Newlywed Game

Things got competitive while playing the No-So-Newlywed Game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with this couple. The talk show host and her wife, Portia de Rossi, faced off against McCarthy and Falcone to find out which couple knew each other the best. Watch the clip to find out which couple came out on top.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The married couple later returned to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and they couldn't help but talk about their poor performance during the No-So-Newlywed Game. They then revealed some of their relationship secrets and what makes them laugh at home. We would be laughing too if we got to hang out with these two comedic geniuses on a daily basis!

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This Or That

In 2016, MTV invited the duo to play to the This or That game while they promoted their film The Boss and years later we still love to watch it. This clip once again proves that this duo knows how to make audiences laugh. Plus, it shows that after years of marriage they can still make each other crack up too.


It was a dream come true for McCarthy and Falcone, who are both big fans of Chopped, when Steven Colbert invited them to compete in his own version of a cooking show called Smooshed in 2016. With one minute on the clock, they were given a basket of mystery ingredients and items left over in The Late Show break-room fridge and tasked to make their best dish. The teamwork and hilarity that ensued as a result of this challenge makes us love these two even more. 

Don't forget to watch McCarthy receive the People's Icon Award at the People's Choice Awards this Sunday. You might even see the star give her hubbie a little shout out when she takes the stage!