Arrow Reveals a Major Character's Future Death

RIP to an OG in the future on the CW superhero hit?

By Lauren Piester Nov 06, 2018 2:28 AMTags
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RIP Felicity Smoak. 

We haven't seen her die yet and we don't know how or when it happens, nor do we really know for sure that it's true, but as of right now, we can only assume future Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) is telling the truth when she says Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is no longer with us. 

Let's go back a bit...

During the flash forward storyline on this season of Arrow, Roy (Colton Haynes) and a much older William (Ben Lewis) have arrived in a somewhat destroyed Star City. There, they found Dinah still alive and back to vigilante-ing, alongside Rene's daughter Zoe (Andrea Sixtos). While Roy and William believed they had been receiving coordinates from Felicity, they were stunned to learn that Felicity was actually dead. 

Everything We Know About the Future on Arrow

While we believe Dinah believes Felicity is dead, we're not so sure we can believe it ourselves. Felicity? Dead? Impossible! 

Then again, this future seems bleak, and the fact that William never saw his step mom again after she sent him to boarding school does kind of make us think it could be true. If she is dead, let's hope she died doing something heroic after a long life of being equally heroic. 

For everything else we know about the future of Star City, scroll below! 

He's On a Boat

Our first vision of the future was a man on a boat in a storm. The boat's captain said they should turn around, but the man suggested he could just offer some more money. The boat captain said usually people pay that much to get away from the island. Even 20 years in the future, Lian Yu still sucks. (Episode 1)

“You Never Should Have Come Here”

Boat man was very specifically looking for someone on the island, but got waylaid a bit by getting caught in a trap set by someone who sounded an awful lot like Roy (Colton Haynes), who we hadn't seen since he went off with Thea (Willa Holland) last season. Roy was not thrilled about this new visitor. (Episode 1)

There's Been Some Foreshadowing

In present day, we watched Felicity bid farewell to William before sending him off to boarding school (to protect him) by giving him the hozen, which symbolizes reconnection. It's the same arrowhead-shaped stone that once contained the coordinates for the mirakuru supply way back at the beginning of the series, but then became a symbolic gift that Oliver gave to Thea, who then gave it to Felicity. Felicity told William that as long as he had the stone, she'd always be able to find him. (Episode 1)

And a Big Surprise

In the future, the man from the boat holds up the hozen to prove to Roy that his father is Oliver Queen, meaning he's actually a grown up William. (Episode 1)

Roy Has a Beard Now

Here it is! 

Felicity and Oliver Have Been MIA for 20 Years

William confirmed to Roy that Felicity and Oliver "pretty much" just left him, and at this point all we can assume is that he never saw them again after being sent away for his own protection, because we have no other information. "I survived," he told Roy. (Episode 2)

William Is Queer!

"My ex-boyfriend wonders why I have commitment issues," he joked when explaining what happened to his parents. Gonna need more info on this, please. (Episode 2)

The Hozen Is Back in Play

William didn't just have the hozen to prove his parentage. "Three weeks ago" it started beeping, and he opened it up to find GPS coordinates to the island. After telling him to give up and go home, Roy admitted he knew exactly "what this is." (Episode 2)

William Is LOADED

Not only did William pay at least 200 grand to get to LIan Yu and offer to pay another 100, he also apparently spent over a billion dollars trying to develop affordable magnetic levitation. Is this Queen inheritance? A life insurance payout? Or is he just a genius who was partially raised by a couple of rich geniuses? Who knows?! (Episode 2)

Something Happened Between Roy and Thea

Roy chastised William for bringing up the past after he mentioned that time he left Star City with Thea, because he was on the island to forget about it. It feels pretty safe to say something bad (or several bad somethings) have happened in the years since, but what? (Episode 2)

Oliver Is Without His Bow

Roy led William to a grave, which was separate from the four Japanese soldier graves Oliver had originally found and told Roy about. William and Roy started digging, thinking they were about to find a corpse, but instead they found Oliver's bow and arrows. (Episode 2)

We're Going Back to Star City

Oliver's bow contained a secret note, which Roy read, became concerned about (look how concerned he is!), and then burned. William was all "What the hell?!" and Roy said to get his stuff, because they had to go back to Star City. What will they find there? WHO will they find there? Will their trip to an actual city mean this gallery will have no more screenshots of men in a forest? We can only hope! (Episode 2)

"Star City's Seen Better Days"

Roy and William have officially arrived back in Star City, and they've got some new coordinates to follow that they think are coming from Felicity, even if neither of them is exactly thrilled about being back.

As we later learned, "Star City fell when the Glades rose. They build a wall. They closed their borders. No one outside the Glades is allowed to enter. The SCPD are basically hired guns. They protect the Glades from what's outside their wall." 

(Episode 4)

Smoak Tech Is "Restricted" Now

Willam and Roy were sent to Smoak Technologies by the coordinates and almost got in trouble for visiting Felicity's old company, which is now a "restricted area," but William did manage to pull a Felicity and open up a secret vault in her office. 

Inside the vault was...a Rubix Cube?! 

Dinah Lives (And Aged VERY Well)

We're gonna need this secret pronto, because Dinah is dang hot in her 50s. Roy looks good, but she looks like straight up magic. 

Anyway, she's no longer police captain and is now back to being a badass vigilante (with amazing hair), saving Roy and William and explaining to them that things in Star City are not as they remember, and of course, that they shouldn't have come back here. (Episode 4)

Meet Zoe

Rene's daughter has also grown into a badass and has been fighting alongside Dinah, though she says her father "wouldn't be caught dead" in Star City. Interesting phrasing or just accurate? We're questioning everything considering that last bombshell... (Episode 4)

Felicity Is Dead?!

The picture above is William's face when he found out that Felicity couldn't possibly be sending him coordinates because she is, in fact, no longer living. That was how the episode ended, so we don't have the how or the when or any other context, but surely we'll be getting it soon...if it's even real. We've been here before, Arrow. You can't fool us. (Episode 4)

Felicity was MURDERED

Felicity is not only dead, but she was murdered "about two weeks ago, give or take." 

Two weeks feels suspiciously recent, but it could also be what triggered this journey William is now on...if she's actually dead. 

Felicity Also Went Bad

Before she died, Felicity apparently became "very different." She was calling herself the Calculator (AKA the supervillain name once used by her father), and based on what William and co. eventually found on Felicity's weird trail of clues, we kinda believe it...

Plans to Fail the City

The long trail of clues led William, Dinah, Roy, and Zoe to a set of virtual plans to blow up Star City. They theorized that maybe she had a change of heart before going through with the dynamite plan, and maybe that's what got her killed and made her think to reach out to William. 

Meanwhile, back in the present, Felicity had a gun trained on an arrested Diaz and was about to pull the trigger, until Laurel arrived to tell her a deal had been made, and Oliver was about to get out of prison.  

The Mark of Four

Roy and Dinah are keeping a big secret, but we don't know what it means yet. The note that Roy found in Oliver's bow apparently contained "the mark of four," which is what made him go with William. They're not sharing it with anyone else yet (especially because they're not sure they can trust Oliver's son), but Juliana Harkavy says it's something that will "continue to unify the team in the future." 

As we learned in episode 10, the Mark includes Dinah, Rene, Roy, Diggle, Oliver, and Felicity. 

Rene Became the Mayor

A new scene gave us a glimpse of the Glades, which seem to be doing much better than Star City itself. At some point, Rene became the mayor of the Glades, and his daughter Zoe is his chief of staff. As he claimed, the Glades are the greatest place on earth, and we only believe him because EP Beth Schwartz told us the Glades were the "complete opposite" of Star City. 

Rene seems completely unwilling to help anyone in Star City, even after Zoe and Dinah told him about the plans to blow up the city, and about Felicity's death. He told Dinah if she ever came back he'd arrest her, and he refused to give them access to his security program to help them locate the bombs, so they stole the access. 

Felicity's Murderer Revealed?

This dude, who works for Mayor Rene and believes Star City is a cancer, seems to have admitted to killing dear Felicity.

"Smoak was becoming a liability. She had to be dealt with. Is that a problem?" 

He also worried that Rene was getting cold feet for whatever they have planned. But what do they have planned, and why did Felicity need to die for it? Answers are coming, but this wait is straight up painful.

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