Watch Julia Roberts Talk Instagram Creeping, That Infamous Hairy Armpit Pic & More on Busy Tonight

The Homecoming actress doesn't hold anything back

By Alyssa Ray Nov 05, 2018 7:10 PMTags

We have Instagram to thank for bringing Julia Roberts and Busy Philipps together!

On Sunday night's all-new Busy Tonight, the Dawson's Creek alum shared that the Oscar winner "probably wouldn't be sitting here right now if it wasn't for Instagram." However, Julia was quick to clarify that her appearance on Busy Tonight had everything to do with the Internet-savvy E! personality.

In fact, Philipps was equally taken with Julia's Instagram skills as the A-lister "took to it like a fish to water." Although Roberts admitted she enjoys following Busy and Sarah Jessica Parker's pages, she revealed it's her teenagers—Hazel Moder and Phinnaeus "Finn" Moder—who keep her hip.

"If I post something, they will be the first to go, 'Mom!'" the Homecoming actress noted while cringing.

And while the Pretty Woman star joined the picture-sharing site in June 2018, she confessed to snooping on the social media platform long before logging on officially.

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"Just because I wasn't a joiner, doesn't mean I wasn't a watcher," Julia quipped. "I think Instagram is super cool."

Despite never creating a fake Instagram account, Julia did regularly keep tabs on her famous friends. "I didn't feel creepy about it…until now," the mother of three added. "I felt super good about it until this moment."

Though Busy praised Julia's "clap back" abilities, the Hollywood icon said she didn't know she was taking on trolls by responding to negative comments.

"I did not mean to clap back, I'd never heard the words clap back," Julia continued. "I just was being funny and a little school teacher-y correcting."

A clap back isn't the only thing Julia has mastered online, as she has also invented the fake boomerang. Apparently, the "fauxboom" was born after Julia received a boomerang from her husband Daniel Moder and didn't have the app to send one back.

"My kids were like, 'Don't worry, we've got this! Just film us,'" Julia explained to Busy. "So I did and they boomeranged themselves."

We think the famed actress should give herself more credit as she's been starting trends for years. Case in point: Julia debuted hairy armpits on a red carpet long before it was a millennial trend.

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Shockingly, the iconic moment from 1999 wasn't a "punk rock and cool" statement like Busy (and the rest of us) hoped for!

"I think I just hadn't really calculated my sleeve length and the waving. And how those two things would go together and reveal personal things about me," Julia concluded. "So it wasn't so much a statement as it's just part of the statement I make as a human on the planet."

Be sure to catch highlights from Busy's hilarious sit-down with Julia by watching the clips above!