Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Candid About Beginning Her Transition Towards Menopause at 46

The Goop CEO and founder opened up about the topic in a new video

By Elyse Dupre Nov 02, 2018 2:53 PMTags
Gwyneth Paltrow, goop LondonDarren Gerrish/goop

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up about her health.

The actress took to Instagram this week to share a video created by her lifestyle brand, Goop, in which she got candid about experiencing perimenopause symptoms at age 46.

According to Mayo Clinic, "perimenopause means ‘around menopause'" and is the time when women make the "natural transition to menopause." While the organization stated women can start this progression at various ages, it also claimed people can begin to experience symptoms of this transition towards menopause in their mid 30s or in their 40s.

"I think when you get into perimenopause, you notice a lot of changes," Paltrow said in the clip. "I can feel the hormonal shifts happening, the sweating, the moods. You know, you're just, like, all of a sudden furious for no reason."

The Iron Man star also discussed her desire to change the conversation and perception around this phase in women's lives.

"I think menopause gets a really bad rap and needs a bit of a rebranding," she added. "I remember when my mother went through menopause, and it was, like, such a big deal.  I think there was grief around it for her and all of these emotions. I don't think we have in our society a great example of an aspirational menopausal woman."

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In addition, the Goop founder and CEO answered a question about the topic on her company's Q&A page. A consumer noted she was "starting to notice some changes" and questioned if the star altered her lifestyle after turning 40. While Paltrow confirmed she's "not in menopause (yet!)," she did re-acknowledge experiencing bodily changes. She revealed she started taking a new Goop vitamin and adjusted her health regimen.

"I have tweaked my approach to fitness, for example, to bring in more weight-lifting to build bone density, and I continue to eat as healthy as possible—whole foods, lots of green vegetables, clean sources of protein—particularly at lunch. (Everyone needs some off-the-leash time at night)," she wrote. "While I wasn't overly focused on my hormones in my thirties, I do a panel every six months now to ensure that everything is aligned."

Watch the video to hear her talk about entering this new phase.