Can Someone Please Check on Jennifer Love Hewitt Now That Halloween Is Over?

No one loves the holiday (and fall, in general) more than the 9-1-1 star

By Tierney Bricker Nov 01, 2018 7:38 PMTags
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New life mission: Find someone who loves us the way Jennifer Love Hewitt loves fall and Halloween.

Aside from teaching us the genius refrigerator-light-actually-makes-for-the-best-selfie-lighting trick, the biggest takeaway we've gleaned from giving the 9-1-1 star's Instagram is that no one—we repeat: no one—loves and celebrates the season more than her. She is basic and proud. She is pumpkin spice and everything nice. She is a real-life Hallmark Channel Fall Harvest heroine come to life. (Side-bar: GET ON THAT CASTING, HALLMARK!) And that is not shade, it's a compliment of the highest order and a deep appreciation for her commitment to fall and Halloween. 

Her first child's name? Autumn, born in November 2013 ("She happened to come early and was born in autumn!" JHL explained on The Talk). Husband Brian Hallisay's birthday? Halloween. Her go-to perfume? Vanilla extract. The kind you bake with specifically. The number of Fall and Halloween-themed Instagram posts on her account this year (so far)? 35.

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Hewitt's love of the season even made its way into her recent profile in Elle

"If Hewitt appears to be plotting anything today, though, it's how she plans to celebrate fall, her favorite season, with her family. 'Feel this,' she says, showing me a skeleton-patterned sweats set she picked up for Atticus on the way over. He'll wear them on Halloween, which is also his dad's birthday. For Autumn, she's bought a shiny, pastel mermaid costume and a jewelry box—her first—with unicorn-shaped mood rings already tucked inside."

But really, it's JLH's Instagram feed that truly highlights her love for the season. Let us all bow down to the Halloween queen...

Hewitt's first fall-related post of the year came in August, with a pumpkin patch throwback. 

By early September, she had already started decorating for the first day of fall. Also? She came up with the clever hashtag: #Fallidays. 

Her first fall-related meme of the season and no, she's not sorry.

By September 15, just one week away from the autumnal equinox, she was getting restless. Sorry, summer, but we know what you did. 

With two days left, LJH set the table. 

By October 1, it was officially ON. 

She had a lot of vibes when her favorite time of year finally came around. In fact, she had ALL the vibes.

Along with vibes, she has some major moods. ALL the moods!

And she is NOT sorry for sharing any and all-pumpkin and/or seasonal memes.

And you guys, she loves pumpkins. Like, REALLY loves pumpkins. 

Her fall scent is Cozy Vanilla Spice, by the way. And NGL, we'd light it up at our house. 

A goddess living amongst mere mortals, even her tequila is themed. 


AS for her actual Halloween plans, Hewitt hosted a Halloween party/40th birthday celebration for her husband, where she appeared to be dressed up as The Addams Family's Morticia Adams and said it was "going great," per a "fridge light confession" moment.  

On Wednesday, the Halloween hangover was real. 

You have 364 days to get on JLH's level. Let the countdown begin.