Meet the Stunning Stars of Camp Runway!

Get to know the young ladies of Camp Runway

By Alyssa Ray Nov 01, 2018 11:00 AMTags
Watch: Who Will Win the Modeling Contract on "Camp Runway"?

Do these aspiring models have what it takes to rock a runway?

You'll be able to make that call for yourself by subscribing to E!'s new Snapchat show, Camp Runway. With natural good looks and an eagerness to succeed, it isn't surprising to see these young up-and-comers competing for a life-changing modeling contract.

While only one of the ingénues will walk away the victor, we feel it's important to get familiar with all the Camp Runway stars. Who knows? Any one of these young ladies could one day hobnob with the elite of the modeling world.

It's all about dreaming big…and we're certain Kate M., Brookelin S., Isabelle B., Brooklynn G., Emma S. and Caroline K. are doing just that!

Scroll through the gallery below to get all of their details and to take a look at their standout headshots! Also, be sure to open up Snapchat as Camp Runway's season premiere is now live and new episodes will be dropping daily over the course of the next 10 days.

Model Squad Stars on the Runway
Isabelle B.

Age: 16

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Social Handle: @isabelle.boughner

About Isabelle: Isabelle is a talented singer and guitarist and who's spent summers at Berklee College of Music. She appeared on the cover of a magazine with her famous model mom when she was a kid and since then added "model" to her multi-hyphenate life. She's never nervous about modeling, but will her uber-confidence be enough to win?

Kate M.

Age: 15

Hometown: South Salem, NY

Social Handle: @kate.markowitz

About Kate: Kate has thought of herself as a model since the age of 9. She's a triple threat: she's a trained actor, singer and now model, ever since she began working with model scout, Erin Scimeca. As the only child, Kate is accustomed to being the center of attention and wants to win. Will it be enough?

Brookelin S.

Age: 13

Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY 

Social Handle: @official_brookelin

About Brookelin: Brookelin has been modeling since she was 8 and already has 19k followers on Instagram! Don't be fooled by her young age. She is very competitive and lives for the spotlight. But, will her experience actually be enough to win?

Caroline K.

Age: 15

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Social Handle: @carolinekiehnau

About Caroline: Originally from Texas, this Queen Bee is top dog in all varsity sports, rides horses, and now she's going to be a…model? Her parents insist that she go to college, which could ruin Caroline's modeling trajectory. Unlike some of the other girls, Caroline has no previous modeling experience but that's not stopping her from thinking she could win. Can this newbie win in the end?

Brooklynn G.

Age: 18

Home: Florida 

Social Handle: @brooklynn.goers

About Brooklynn G.: Brooklynn has always been a tomboy. She hasn't connected with another group of girls before and is nervous she won't fit in with the other models at camp. Her dream is to change the way the industry portrays and represents mainstream feminine beauty. Will Brooklynn's insecurities get in the way of her natural beauty? 

Emma S.

Age: 21

Hometown: Cape Cod, MA

Social Handle: @eks1864

About Emma: At 21 years old and 5' 6", Emma is the oldest and shortest model at camp. She knows that she'll never book a professional runway at her height but she's hungry to succeed. She says her personality will make up for what she lacks, but will it be enough?

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